Control Room Consoles

At Evans, our approach to designing control room consoles starts with a focus on the operator's needs, a principle that guides our entire process. Our first step is to thoroughly understand the ergonomic requirements and functional needs of the operator. This understanding shapes our design, ensuring that each control room console is optimized for comfort, efficiency, and ease of use during long operational hours. 

Our design process prioritizes the ideal equipment placement for the operator, ensuring that everything from monitors to control panels is easily accessible, reducing strain and enhancing productivity. We integrate essential features such as height-adjustable control room console desks, customizable lighting, and environmental controls to adapt to various operator preferences and shift requirements. 


Fixed Height Consoles

Delivering robust solutions with unlimited design configurations for your technical control room:


Variable Height Consoles

Flexible and scalable solutions adjusted to optimal operator height for control station productivity:


Industry Specific Control Solutions

Built to fit any facility, our control room solutions meet the needs of your mission-critical operations:

300 x 300 Millwork


Experience the quality and design of Evans console millwork adding unparalleled user functionality:


Monitor Mounting Systems

Engineered for performance, flexibility, and durability, providing users with ultimate comfort:

300 x 300 Accesories

Control Room Accessories

Flexible console accessories that maximize the workspace and enhance operator comfort:

Understanding the layout and dynamics of the control room is crucial. We focus on optimizing operator adjacencies, ensuring effective communication pathways, and managing traffic flow within the space. This attention to detail in the design of control room consoles and furniture facilitates a seamless operational environment, supporting both internal coordination and external communication needs. 

Evans offers a range of control room furniture, from industrial control room consoles to advanced command center desks, each designed with specific operational requirements in mind. Our products are built to accommodate the latest technology, ensuring that your control room is equipped for both current and future needs. 

Customization is a key aspect of our offerings. Recognizing that each control room has unique challenges, we provide tailored solutions that address the specific demands of your operation. From industrial control room consoles to sit-stand 24/7 consoles  - we get you covered. Our experience in the field, combined with a pragmatic approach to design and innovation, positions Evans as a leading choice for organizations seeking reliable and efficient control room furniture solutions. 

How do we manufacture our consoles and furniture? 

Our manufacturing process for control room consoles typically involves the following key stages: 

  • Design and Engineering: This initial phase involves translating the client's requirements and the design concepts into detailed engineering drawings and specifications. Advanced software is often used to create precise 3D furniture models, allowing for adjustments and refinements before any physical manufacturing begins. 
  • Material Selection and Procurement: Based on the design specifications, we select the appropriate materials. Control room consoles require durable, high-quality materials that can withstand continuous use. Common materials include metals for the frame (such as steel or aluminum), wood or wood composites for surfaces, and various plastics or laminates for detailing and finishes.  
  • Surface Finishing: After the components for the control room console desk are machined and assembled into their respective sections, various surface finishing techniques are employed. This stage may involve applying paint, powder coating, or laminate finishes specifically chosen to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of the console desk's surfaces.  
  • Assembly: The final assembly of the furniture involves putting together the fabricated components, including installing mechanical parts like adjustable mechanisms, drawers, and cable management systems. 
  • Quality Control and Testing: Quality control is a critical part of the manufacturing process. Each piece of furniture is inspected and tested to ensure it meets the required durability, stability, and functionality standards.  
  • Packaging and Shipping: Once the furniture passes quality control, it is carefully packaged to prevent damage during transportation. The packaging design often considers ease of handling and unloading at the client's site.  


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