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Evans CounterSMART™ Airport Solution

Airport terminals deal with large volumes of people and provide vast amounts of information, services, and resources. From check-in to security, the terminal requires sophisticated counter solutions that offer a durable, comfortable, and safe environment for all employees and travelers.

Evans Patented CounterSMART™ frame-based system is designed to accommodate the shape, finishes, and features that fit your image and technical requirements. This complete airport counter system is manufactured to meet your requirements today and future-proofed for your growing needs of tomorrow. Our rugged extruded aluminum frame structure provides unparalleled strength and durability to withstand the rigorous use of high-traffic/high-use environments.

Re-configurable & Flexible CounterSMART™ System

The patented CounterSMART™ System can be seamlessly re-cladded, re-positioned, and re-configured, allowing you to expand, relocate, or completely makeover your facilities without having to install brand new counters. This flexible system can grow and adapt to your changing needs and tastes while remaining easily upgradable for new trends in technology.

Design Flexibility for AirportsInfoCounter

Every brand is unique, and Evans is an airport counter supplier that can make a system out of almost any combination of materials to meet your needs and showcase your brand in the best light. The extruded aluminum frame and the exterior cladding can accommodate a wide array of external appearances and finishes such as high-pressure laminate, wood veneer, compact laminate, solid surface - stainless steel, natural and engineered stone, polyester, glass, Plexiglas, bullet-resistant construction and even fabric… the customizable options are almost endless.

Airport Technology Integration

Regardless of the type and purpose, our airport counter manufacturers can seamlessly integrate the needed technology and cabling directly into the CounterSMART solution. The frame-based counters integrate technology inside the cavity and on the desktop. This modular design allows for easy access to your technology enabling future changes in both configuration and technology.