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Evans Control Room Slatwall Accessories Improve Operator Effectiveness


Our Slatrail and Slatwall systems offer the flexibility to mount a wide variety of equipment while providing superior cable management and meeting ergonomic requirements. From lighting to speaker shelves, articulating phone arms to cup holders, our line-up of Slatrail and Slatwall accessories provides clean, clutter-free, and productive mission-critical environments.

The Organizations That Trust Evans With Their Control Room Accessories


Evans Slatwall Accessories: Out of the Way, But Within Reach

  • Cup Holders
  • Task Lighting
  • Binder Shelving
  • Status Lighting
  • Speaker Shelving
  • Articulating Phone Shelving
  • Inbox Shelving
  • Pen/Pencil Cups
  • Tissue Box Holders
  • Slatwall Power Unit
  • Single/Double Monitor Mount
  • Universal Shelving


A Clutter-Free Work Surface with Everything Within Arm's Reach


Evans' wide range of easily accessible Slatrail and Slatwall hardware accessories makes organization and functionality possible. From Slatwall lighting and monitor mounts to general storage, binder shelving, and more, our control room solutions provide clean and productive workstations that will change how you approach your work, increasing space, enhancing productivity, and reducing strain.

Flexible Rails and Walls Give You Options

Our control room furniture offers the flexibility to mount a wide variety of slatwall hardware, equipment, and operator accessories while offering superior cable management and efficiency, ensuring your control room consoles remain organized and tidy.

Monitor Arms Adapt to Your Specifications


Our Slatwall monitor arm mount solutions allow you to create unlimited combinations of monitor arrays for your control rooms. We offer single, double-high, and double-wide solutions for large-format monitors and screens. We’re equipped to accommodate any layout to fit your control room design. 

Learn more about our Monitor Mounting Systems and control room hardware:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is found in a command center?

A command center is equipped with various specialized equipment and technical furniture designed to support the efficient operation of critical systems and personnel, including:

  • Control consoles
  • Video walls
  • Computers and servers
  • Communication equipment
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Emergency systems
  • Network infrastructure
  • Environmental controls
  • Security devices
What are the key considerations when selecting accessories for a control center?

Selecting accessories and control room furniture for your mission-critical environment requires careful consideration to ensure that every element contributes to operational efficiency, reliability, and safety. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • The compatibility and integration abilities of the accessories with your existing system and equipment
  • The durability and reliability of the accessories, which typically need to withstand continuous use
  • The ergonomic design of the equipment to ensure the comfort of your operators
  • The ease of maintenance and cleaning of the equipment
  • Space considerations
  • The technical support and warranty of the products
What accessories are available for enhancing operator comfort in control rooms?

In control rooms, operator comfort is crucial for maintaining focus and productivity during long shifts. Various types of accessories are available to enhance this comfort, ensuring operators can work efficiently in a clean, clutter-free environment:

  • Ergonomic seating: Adjustable chairs support good posture and reduce physical strain over long periods.
  • Task lights: Properly positioned lights to provide sufficient light to specific areas where operators perform critical tasks.
  • Adjustable monitor mounts: Adjustable monitor mounts that can be adjusted to the ideal height and angle reduce neck strain and enhance visibility.
  • Articulating phone arms and speaker shelves: These allow for easy access to communication devices without cluttering the workspace.