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Evans Slat Accessories Improve Operator Effectiveness


Our Slatrail and Slatwall systems offer the flexibility to mount a wide variety of equipment while providing superior cable management. From lighting to speaker shelves, articulating phone arms to cup holders, our line-up of Slatrail and Slatwall accessories aids in providing a clean, clutter-free, and productive work environment.

Evans Slatwall Accessories: Out of the Way but Within Reach

  • Cup Holders
  • Task Lighting
  • Binder Shelving
  • Status Lighting
  • Speaker Shelving
  • Articulating Phone Shelving
  • Inbox Shelving
  • Pen/Pencil Cups
  • Tissue Box Holders
  • Slatwall Power Unit
  • Single/Double Monitor Mount
    • Universal Shelving


A desktop free of clutter while keeping everything within arm’s reach?


This is possible with Evans' wide range of Slatrail and Slatwall accessories. From Slatwall lighting and monitor mounts to general storage, binder shelving, and more, our systems provide a clean and productive workspace that will change how you approach your work.

Flexible Rails and Walls Give You Options

Our systems offer the flexibility to mount a wide variety of slatwall hardware, equipment, and operator accessories while offering superior cable management.

Monitor Arms Adapt to Your Specific Needs


Our Slatwall monitor arm mount solutions provide an unlimited combination of monitor arrays. We offer single, double high, and double wide solutions for large format monitors and screens.

Learn more about our Monitor Mounting Systems and control room accessories: