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Evans cyber security console solutions provide the vital situational awareness necessary for operating in today’s complex cyber security centers.

1011x560-Cyber-Console cybersecurity experts

Security Control Center Design with a Complete View of Data & Assets

Optimized to improve operational efficiency and minimize risks, our consoles are designed to help you monitor active systems, network and data disruptions, and other proprietary systems as you look for the threats of tomorrow.

Your operators need to be able to identify, evaluate, and communicate potential threats to critical stakeholders to locate and mitigate risks before they occur - our cyber security consoles are designed to support your risk mitigation strategies. Whether it’s to liaise with personnel, work collaboratively, or require visibility to intel, our experienced team of cyber security control room experts works with you to determine the configuration that best supports your center’s communication, collaboration, and visibility objectives.

Ergonomic console solutions  

Our ergonomic cyber security console solutions are designed to improve operator alertness to successfully detect and respond to cyber adversaries. We consider the essential elements that will enhance performance, risk mitigation strategies, and cyber safeguarding. Flexible and adaptable, our consoles address individual environmental factors such as lighting, temperature, air quality, and height by the operator, enabling peak performance.



2000x1125-Room-overhead security operation center designFuture proof consoles

Our complete range of cyber security consoles is future-proof, providing dynamic flexibility to support your technology, equipment, or operational changes, and upgrades; creating value over time.

Security + safety compliance

Our teams have clearance to some of the highest levels of national security. They have the clearance to work in high-security, highly-classified areas – where sensitive information is present. We recognize we may be working in secure classified areas, and work with you to ensure our team members understand and fully comply with all security protocols in your cyber security center.

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