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Power Generation Control Rooms for Operational & Process Visibility

At Evans, we understand the importance of continuous network monitoring to minimize safety risks and economic losses. Our power plant control room enhances the operator’s output for critical monitoring, identifying areas to improve overall plant reliability, optimizing process performance, and protecting asset uptime.  

Your power plant control room should be built for your needs and Evans is here to make it happen. Evans solutions are configured to meet your specific requirements for the visibility of monitors and video management systems, communication, and collaboration with key stakeholders during abnormal situations. 

Selecting the appropriate products for the design of your power station control room impacts the operator’s output for network monitoring and responsiveness to critical operations. 

Types of Power Plant Control Room We Built:

  • Nuclear Power Plant Control Room: These are highly sophisticated and feature advanced safety systems. Due to the critical nature of nuclear plants, these control rooms are designed with numerous redundancies and emergency systems.
  • Thermal (Coal, Gas, Oil) Power Plant Control Room: These control rooms manage the operation of boilers, turbines, generators, and auxiliary equipment. The focus is on efficiency, emission control, and managing the varying loads.
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant Control Room: These control the flow of water through turbines. They manage dam gates, water flow, turbine speed, and power generation.  
  • Renewable Energy Plant Control Room (Solar, Wind, etc.): These control rooms monitor and manage renewable energy sources. For solar plants, this includes managing solar panels, inverters, and grid connections.
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant Control Room: Control rooms in these plants manage both types of turbines and heat recovery steam generators that utilize waste heat from the gas turbines.
  • Geothermal Power Plant Control Room: These manage the extraction of geothermal energy from the earth and its conversion into electricity.  

Improving Operator Alertness & Health

Our ergonomically designed power plant control room encompasses a variety of components and options to maintain alertness and readiness for the detection of anomalies, outages, alarms, and abnormal conditions. 

Refined over the years, our solutions have been adapted to address individual power plant factors such as lighting, temperature, air quality, and height by the operator, enabling peak performance. 

Our solutions consider the placement of equipment and range of motion that impacts an operator’s individual work environment and supports the continuous change and high stress levels present during abnormal situations.

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Minimal Disruption with Live Cutovers

Evans understands your operations run 24/7, 365 with no downtime to install a power plant control room. Our seamless approach to ‘Live Cutovers’ means there is zero downtime and minimal disruptions to surrounding areas, allowing your plant to operate fully during installation. 

Future Proof your Power Control Room

Our complete range of power station control room consoles, mountings and accessories are future-proof. This means our systems are built to adapt to evolving technological advancements, ensuring your power station control room remains effective and efficient for years to come. We focus on practicality and durability, ensuring every component enhances operational performance. Our designs prioritize ease of use and maintenance, helping you reduce downtime and improve overall productivity. By choosing Evans, you're investing in a solution that's at the forefront of control room technology, setting your facility apart in terms of reliability and innovation.  

Power Generation Safety Compliance

Evans specializes in creating control rooms for power plants, prioritizing safety, security, and operational efficiency. We understand that a control room in a power plant is the nerve center, essential for monitoring and managing operations safely. Our designs focus on critical safety compliance areas: ensuring operational safety, maintaining environmental standards, preparing for emergencies, protecting workers, and keeping equipment and facilities in top condition.  With our expertise, your power plant will have a control room that supports smooth operations, ensures worker safety, and stays compliant with regulations. We also ensure our control room in power plant is compliant with regulations set by OSHA, EPA, NRC, and other governing bodies, adapting to the latest standards and guidelines. 

Backup Control Room for Uninterrupted Functionality  

At Evans, we recognize that your power plant's operational continuity is paramount. Our expertly designed backup control rooms are a testament to your commitment to reliability and efficiency. Tailored to the unique needs of your facility, our backup control rooms provide a seamless, real-time operational transition during critical situations, ensuring that your plant remains online, no matter what. Partner with us to fortify your operations, minimize risks, and uphold your reputation as a reliable power provider.  

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Designing an effective control room for a power plant goes beyond just arranging monitors and control panels; it encapsulates creating an environment that enhances operators' ability to monitor, manage, and respond to the dynamic needs of power generation facilities. Critical to this design is the integration of human factors engineering, which focuses on optimizing the interaction between operators and the systems they control. This approach ensures that the control room layout, lighting, acoustics, and furniture are designed to minimize fatigue, reduce errors, and increase overall efficiency. Start a conversation with us to find out how we can help design and build a control room in power plant.

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