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Surpassing Expectations

Derived from years of designing and outfitting ATC environments, Evans considers not only ergonomics, but also operational needs, technology integration, position reconfiguration speed, and engineering requirements among many other important factors required to support your 24/7 operations. 

Designed to fit new or modernized project solutions, the metal structure of the console provides the durability required for 24/7 operations. Its innovative design, unbelievable flexibility, and unique range of ATC and other mission-critical-specific features, surpass the Air Traffic Control community’s highest expectations.

Alaris Air Traffic Control EnRoute / Approach consoles are engineered for maximum operational flexibility. Each console is tailored to the unique requirements of our customers, taking into account every single piece of equipment, and its desired operator interaction. Operational flexibility allows equipment changes and reconfigurations, which reduces the total cost of ownership.

Slat Systems – The Versatile Mounting Backbone

The steel slat system is the main support structure for all of our mounted accessories and equipment. Easily adjusted to fit the user’s desired needs, the slat system is extremely versatile. Traditional and newer flat panel ATC displays are supported and the system also allows for older legacy systems to operate side-by-side with newer technology.

How Alaris ATC EnRoute / Approach Can Help Your Operation

  • User-centered design provides you design freedom
  • Superior strength and durability give your consoles a long runway, resulting in a strong ROI
  • Sit-Stand functionality addresses ergonomic requirements
  • Slat system options give you an extensive hanging work surface for all your accessories
  • Ease of configuration changes extends the lifespan of your consoles