Plan the Ideal Control Room for Your Specific Application

Every control room is a unique environment with its own physical, operational, and technological constraints that need to be adhered to. Evans control room design consultants' goal is to bridge the gap between these unique requirements and the ideal operating environment. Our experienced control room consulting team consisting of engineers, construction managers, designers, and architects, will join you to review your facility and assess these key factors, allowing you to make an educated plan for your future operations. We are your experts in mission-critical environments.

Balance your operational planning, control room design, and technology options to create the ideal environment for you and your operators. Evans offers over 40 years of expertise in the planning and execution of Mission Critical Facilities, including:

  • Operational planning and analysis
  • Technology assessment and recommendations
  • Human Factors Based Design including HMI analysis and physical/cognitive design of the overall space
  • Architectural design and planning
  • Construction planning and execution
  • Manufacturing and implementation of key Control Room elements, including consoles, audio visual structures, modular power distribution systems, and automated alarm management systems.

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Evans Control Room Consulting Includes:

Facility Spatial Planning

  • Control Room Location - Layout designed to reduce distractions, reduce time away from work station, promote critical thinking and promote situational awareness.
  • Traffic Flow Analysis - Ensuring relevant people can get to where they need to be quickly and securely without hesitation or distraction.
  • Business Continuity Space Planning - Business continuity considerations with back up facility requirements, recommendations and strategy.

Control Room Planning

  • Functional Task Assessment – Review functions allocated to people and equipment, in order to determine target staffing levels for optimal situational awareness and response times.
  • Space Planning for Operational Adjacencies – Control Room layout planning to improve operator efficiency through; enhanced coordination between key operational areas, improved communication, streamlined response to events and flexibility for future reconfigurations.
  • Architectural Finish Recommendations – Identify architectural elements within the control room, designed to mitigate operator fatigue, promote alertness and energy levels and provide an overall satisfaction in the working environment.
  • Operator Console Design – Overview of functional workspace layouts considering console design requirements per position. Recommended design approach to equipment storage, sufficient workspace, ergonomics and functional specifications.
  • Cable Routing - Recommendations for electrical/data cable routing, including floor access to power/data distribution, providing increased flexibility for future operations and reduced distraction during installation and maintenance.
  • Technology Strategy – Additional technology requirements within the room;
    • KVM technology
    • Alarm management and visual indicator tools
    • Preliminary AV assessment and recommendations
    • Detailed AV design and specifications
    • Communication technology
  • Security and Access – Assess security and access between the Control Room and critical adjacencies in order to increase walkability efficiencies while maintaining security.
  • ISO Design Review – Validate recommended design to ISO 11064 – Guidelines for Control Room Design, including a summary of how this relates to our recommendations for ergonomic considerations, acoustics, operator workstation requirements (visual and audio), distraction reduction and access control.

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