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Strategy SX Configurations Provide Comfort & Ergonomics

three-seater-strategy-sx-evans-product-configurationThe Strategy SX work console combines the latest in operator comfort and ergonomics with superior cable management and technology integration. Built on an aerospace-grade metal frame, Strategy SX is designed to help your operator perform at optimal efficiency.

From generous legroom to the patented ergonomic nosing and adjustable monitor mounts, the Strategy SX is designed to help the operator perform at optimal efficiency. Almost endless configuration and finish options make the Strategy SX one of the most complete and adaptable consoles on the market.

Strategy SX Video: Custom Branding, Situational Awareness

Learn more about the features of the Evans Strategy SX technology control room console. See how we utilize EnviroLinc™ control systems for situational awareness, task lighting, custom branding, and tech storage.

Configuration Flexibility Improves Workflow & Collaboration

strategy-sx-static-fixed-height-console-rear-viewEnjoy unrivaled flexibility, durability, and performance with Strategy SX. This ergonomic console is designed to push the boundaries of tailored solutions and can be configured in many ways to suit your needs. Improve operator workflow and increase collaboration between workstations.

The Strategy SX solution can be a stand-alone unit or part of a custom workgroup. Strategy SX offers enough flexibility to fit perfectly into any command and technology control room environment. Keep reading to learn more about this product or to find the right product and fit for your space and organization. Yes, we also provide control room design services that provide you with complete customization.

Strategy SX Slat Support Systems & Accessories


Strategy SX incorporates the latest in slat support technology; you can choose from Slatwall or Slatrail systems. Both can handle a variety of mounted accessories, including large monitor arrays. The Slatwall desk solution is available in a single, double, or triple high configuration and the Slatrail can even be curved to fit within a curved console configuration. Strategy SX incorporates optional pop-up and Slatwall power and data access including USB, DVI, Power, HDMI, and Cat6 all prewired for easy connectivity. The Slatrail and Slatwall desk systems can mount a variety of equipment and accessories including shelving, task lighting, power units, and mounts.

Enhanced, Flexible, Built-In Cable Management

The Strategy SX technology control room console utilizes wider and deeper cable raceways, allowing you to run more cables in an organized manner. Full front and rear access make adding or changing cabling quick and simple. This sophisticated, integrated cable management system hides cables within the frame while accommodating change as your technology needs evolve. Free up time for your IT teams to work on higher-impact tasks such as network hardening.


Personalized Controls: Operator Comfort & Awareness

Adding personalized controls like temperature and situational awareness provides you with the ultimate working conditions for your team. EnviroLinc™ and LumiLinc™ will provide your operators with the ultimate working conditions.


How Can the Strategy SX Work Console Help Your Operational Sophistication?

  • The heavy-duty extruded metal frame offers superior strength and durability that is built to last.
  • The engineered structure allows for increased cavity room inside the console.
  • Fully customized end panels with a wide array of material choices - glass, metal, or laminate.
  • Unlimited design configurations enable you to place individual consoles, rows of operators, or clusters of collaborative groups in your space.
  • Future-proofing your control room with our modular design enables you to scale your operation with ease.
  • Our Slatrail and Slatwall systems can manage a variety of mounted accessories and monitors. The Slatwall desk system is available in a single, double, or triple high configuration and the Slatrail can curve with a cockpit configuration.
  • With deeper and wider cable raceways, you have the space to keep your cabling organized while enabling easy front and rear access.strategy-sx-nasa-evans-control-room

Strategy SX is the Perfect Blend of Form & Function

The Strategy SX ergonomic console is a tailored solution designed for technology-intensive environments requiring maximum storage capacity. If you or your organization would like to learn more about the fixed-height Strategy SX or any of our products here at Evans, reach out via our Contact Form to start the conversation. If you are looking for a sit-stand solution you will want to check out the Response NEXTGen Console, or the Strategy Air Console. These are our flagship sit-stand products built for your mission-critical operations. Otherwise, if you are ready to talk about your next technology control room project, start a conversation with us today.

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