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Air traffic control rooms are one of the most important functions of airports. A properly designed tower is instrumental in achieving operational excellence and meeting operational business objectives.  

Evans air traffic control room solutions provide important benefits that support your daily operation to safely manage aircraft with relevant and timely insights into asset performance in an effort to control traffic on the ground and in the air – ensuring safety while preventing downtime.  
At Evans, we specialize in revolutionizing air traffic control consoles with state-of-the-art technology and air traffic control devices. With our cutting-edge ATC equipment, you can optimize air traffic control room functionality, ensuring smooth operations and heightened safety measures. 

Air Traffic Control Consoles Tailored to Your Needs 

Our dedication to excellence is evident in our ergonomic air traffic control consoles. Engineered for comfort and efficiency, these consoles are equipped with the latest air traffic control radar room technology. Now you can effectively monitor incoming and outgoing flights, aided by clear communication channels provided by our advanced air traffic control solutions. 

Improving Air Traffic Controller Alertness

The primary function of an air traffic tower is to control the immediate airport environment. Successful monitoring is attributed to proper ergonomics and control room layout.

Our ergonomic solutions are designed to improve operator alertness as they monitor airborne traffic approaching and departing. As space is limited, we place great emphasis on the layout and design of your air traffic control room which impacts the controller’s outcome.

We consider individual environmental controls, as well as how people interact with each other and traffic patterns within the control room on a daily basis and during emergency situations. Flexible and adaptable, our air traffic control console solutions address individual environmental factors such as lighting, temperature, air quality, and height by the operator, enabling peak performance.

Increasing Flight Safety and Productivity

Whether it is airborne traffic approaching, departing, or aircraft in flight, controllers are tasked with providing pilots with clearances and instructions to ensure an orderly and efficient traffic flow.

In adverse weather conditions communication and sightlines are pivotal to your operations outcome. Our air traffic control solutions support your team’s efforts for safe and efficient operations.

Evans solutions seamlessly integrate your sophisticated air traffic control equipment and technologies while meeting your visibility and collaboration requirements. From flight management systems, maps, surface movement guidance and control systems (SMGCS), radar systems, and surveillance displays to communication systems and various other technology systems.

Employing our experienced team of airport traffic control tower experts, we work with you to determine the configuration that best supports your command center’s communication, collaboration, and visibility objectives.

No Unplanned Downtime with Live Cutovers

Evans recognizes the cost and time sensitivity associated with upgrading your ATC equipment. Accuracy, punctuality, and efficiency are paramount to completing the installation of air traffic control consoles within a tight schedule and on time. 

Understanding the critical nature of getting your tower and ATC room back up and running promptly, our dedicated project management and installation teams work cohesively to ensure strict adherence to the predetermined timelines for completion and installation. 

We acknowledge that your operation runs 24/7, 365 days a year, with no room for downtime during retrofits. Our seamless approach to 'Live Cutovers' guarantees zero downtime for air tower and minimal disruptions to the surrounding areas, enabling your air traffic control room to operate fully even during the installation process. 

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Scalable for Future Air Traffic Capabilities

Whether it's dedicated supervisor stations, dedicated analyst stations, or additional flexible stations for transient personnel – Evans’ complete range of air traffic control solutions is designed with a future-proof approach.

This provides dynamic flexibility to withstand your day-to-day operations of shift changes, emergency situations, and possible increased traffic flow, without jeopardizing durability. Future technology upgrades and air traffic control equipment through the life-cycle of your systems can seamlessly be added to create value over time without retrofitting.

Innovative Air Traffic Management Systems

Our integrated solutions encompass everything from air traffic control equipment to strategically designed ATC tower. Recognizing the ever-changing nature of the aviation industry, our solutions are not just advanced but also highly adaptable. Whether you require additional air traffic control consoles for transient personnel or dedicated air traffic control rooms for specific tasks, our offerings are scalable to meet your evolving needs. This future-proof approach extends to our ATC equipment, allowing for seamless integration of upgrades without disrupting your operations. 

Compliance and Safety First

At Evans, safety is paramount. Our certified teams adhere to the highest safety standards during the installation of air traffic control devices. We understand the importance of working in secure areas, and our professionals are trained to comply fully with all security protocols, ensuring a safe and secure environment. 

ATC Slatwall Consoles Experience 

Slatwall is a modular, highly flexible, systems console infrastructure. Hare at Evans we use slatted steel and aluminum panels as a backbone for workstation accessories. Slatwall isn’t new concept or product, we have been using it for more than 20 years in many government and commercial enterprises. Slatwall provides a myriad of accessories and configurations – all types of mounts have been developed to month DASI, Wind Speed and Directions dials, monitors and flight strips. 


The ATC Slatwall design considers the following major objectives:  

  • Optimal controller comfort;  
  • Efficient space utilization;
  • Efficient equipment and cable management;  
  • Standard design with built-in flexibility;  
  • Individualized location operational and equipment requirements;  

ATC Slatwall Consoles benefits:  

  • Fast and easy configuration;  
  • Adaptable to changes (no need to create new equipment cabinetry);  
  • Easy transitions (legacy system can run simultaneously with new technology).


Evans has more than 40 years of experience building control rooms for FAA across the country. If you have a particular project in mind or need additional advice - click the button bellow and our Business Development manager, get back to you in 24 hours. 

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