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Experience in more than 15 diverse industries.


Environments that support your organizational objectives

Make sure every detail helps you achieve your bigger goals.

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Solutions that provide a good return on investment.

Invest in solutions that are future compatible and built to last.

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Consoles that ensure operator comfort and efficiency.

Increase the capabilities of your space and performance.

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If you need to build or upgrade a control room, you need EVANS


Your control room is the nucleus of your organization. Ensuring everything in it is operating at peak performance is mandatory for your success.

Whether you’re in the planning phase of a new build or upgrading an existing space, you need a partner that can bring world-class thinking and solutions to the table. A partner that understands control room environments and is often at the forefront of setting industry-wide standards for that environment. A partner that can provide the best future compatible solutions for your business.

And that partner is EVANS.

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With over 12,000 mission critical facilities installed globally, EVANS is the largest company dedicated to control room design, build and manufacturing in the world


Changing the way we think about control rooms

See how technology can impact how we adapt to evolving operational requirements in the control room environment.

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