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Improve Workforce Productivity & Operator Comfort

EnviroLinc is Evans' environmental control solution designed to maximize operator comfort for improved working conditions and productivity. EnviroLinc addresses the needs of operator comfort during long shifts through a single interface enabling operators to manage their preferences with a desk climate control console.

How Does EnviroLinc Add the Next Level of Operator Comfort?

  • Individual operator controls for console height, lighting, monitor placement, audio, and temperature controls (Evans ceramic heater).
  • Provides lift system settings for up to 4 people to be saved per console.
  • Environmental Control Solution Options:
    • Touchscreen Interface: The LCD includes a layer of Corning® Gorilla® Glass to protect the screen from daily use.
    • Windows-based PC connection for system control.
  • USB Connection.
  • Able to control multiple work surfaces.

A Complete List of Operator Controls Using the EnviroLinc Touchpad

  1. Lift Control: Stay healthy by standing or moving while you work, move lift columns with the touch of a button. Keep the console at optimal heights for sitting and standing.
  2. Unity Arm Control: Move your screens to where you want them with the unity arm control feature.
  3. Audio Controls: 2.1mm audio input for volume control with integrated white noise generator.
  4. Lighting Controls: Interfaces with LumiLinc as a full color spectrum visual alarm system including ambient lighting displays. Control up to two different work surface lighting groups with separate dimming options.
  5. Temperature Control: Heating for individual operators including the new Evans ceramic heater designed to save space and heat the immediate area around the operator. Variable speed desktop fans circulate air for a cooling effect.
  6. User Selection: Change lift system height settings for up to 4 operators and save those for individual consoles. Use preset selections for common control room activity states: critical, collaborative and normal.
  7. Auxiliary Control: Plug in 120V devices for on/off control from the display screen. Use this auxiliary plug for additional lighting, office disco ball or any other device of your choice.





Ceramic Console Heater for Optimal Operator Comfort

The new ceramic heater from Evans is part of the EnviroLinc environmental control solution and is designed for you:


    • Compact and energy efficient (power draw 400-watt that feels like 1000-watt.)
    • Created specifically for an Evans console providing operator warmth.
    • The console heaters are designed to circulate air near the operator instead of flowing into the room.
    • Modular design with 400-watt and 800-watt options for placement flexibility and comfort.
    • Long-lasting material including a ceramic core, our focus at Evans is always on quality.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the EnviroLinc  environmental control solution, any of our products, or if you'd like to discuss a specific project here:

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