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911 Dispatch Consoles for Public Safety

The PSAP is the most important room in your 911 communications center – it’s where civilians and emergency personnel depend on operators, reliable technology, and real-time information during the most difficult emergencies. At Evans, we understand your goal is to accurately deliver information to emergency responders through various communication channels in the Dispatch 911 environment as an integral and trusted part of every community.

Supporting your Day-to-Day Operations

As the situation changes, the use and demand of a communications environment change dramatically. Our dispatch center layout and design strategies consider how people are routed throughout your 911 control room both daily and during upset conditions to maximize optimal communication between operators and key stakeholders.

Employing our experienced team of public safety experts, we work with you to determine the configuration that best supports your organization’s communication and collaboration objectives to ensure continuity of operations and minimize the impact of the upset condition. Evans 911 dispatch center solutions are designed with the operator in mind. Let us know if you are interested or have any questions for us.

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Optimizing Operator Productivity with Ergonomic Comforts

An operator’s comfort is paramount to their productivity and overall health. Our ergonomically designed 911 communication center design solutions encompass a variety of self-adjustable components and accessories, which are designed to be an extension of their day-to-day operations.

Evans’ solutions enable greater environmental controls such as temperature and fan controls, height adjustments, and lighting, among other elements to mitigate fatigue and improve operator alertness. Our situational dispatch console light solutions enhance communication, awareness, and coordination which supports your effective incident deployment strategies amid emergencies.

Flexible & Durable Control Rooms Built for Dispatch Environments

911 communication center designs are meant to support your high-demanding environment. So shouldn’t they stand the test of time?

Designed exclusively for 911 control rooms, Evans solutions give you the flexibility to choose from the best products that support your organization today, and in the future. Built to withstand your day-to-day operations of shift changes, upset conditions, and possible increased traffic flow, our solutions seamlessly adapt to each user, without jeopardizing durability. Your 911 dispatch center layout should be designed specifically with your telecommunicators in mind. The Evans team can help you design your dispatch center to give you the most optimal dispatch center layout.

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Safety Compliance for 911 Dispatch Centers

Our strict safety standards are applied to everything we do, both internally and externally. Our certified teams of installers adhere to all safety regulations and standards, ensuring a safe installation for everyone involved. Our teams also take additional site-specific training as needed to ensure we meet your safety protocols. We also recognize we may be working in secure areas, and work with you to ensure our team members understand and fully comply with all security protocols.

Denise Amber Lee Foundation

We are proud supporters of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation and together we are committed to making a difference. Find out more about our partnership here.