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Derived from years of designing and outfitting air traffic control center environments, Evans considers not only ergonomics but also operational needs, technology integration, position reconfiguration speed, and engineering requirements among many other important factors required to support your 24/7 operations. 

Low Profile Air Traffic Control Consoles

Alaris Low Profile Tower consoles carefully consider the sightlines; reach distance, and equipment placement to improve controller comfort and flexibility, ensuring the integrity of the controller tasks.

Sit-Stand Functionality

Alaris Tower Sit-Stand air traffic control desks provide an ideal ergonomic solution featuring sit-stand technology allowing the operator full access to their equipment from a sitting or standing position. Each controller position is fully integrated with equipment and is independently adjustable for optimum operating comfort.

Fixed Height, Variable Mounting Rail

Our air traffic control console workstations are designed for seated controllers with a flexible modular equipment mounting system (Slat Wall). Equipment can be easily mounted on the console and then quickly re-configured, replaced, or updated without impact to the console structure and without having to make any modification to the console itself.

How Alaris Tower Can Help Your Operation

  • The user-centered air traffic control console design provides you with design freedom.
  • Superior strength and durability give your consoles a long runway, resulting in a strong ROI.
  • Sit-Stand functionality addresses ergonomic requirements.
  • Slat system options give you an extensive hanging work surface for all your accessories.
  • Ease of configuration changes extends the lifespan of your consoles.