Command and Control Consoles Designed from the Operator Out

Our Smart Control Room™ solutions are designed by understanding the control room industry like no other. At EVANS everything we design and build is from ‘the operator station out.’ This is our guiding principle and is core to our DNA. First, we spend time understanding the ergonomic and functional position requirements of the operator. The command consoles are designed and developed around the operator’s ideal equipment placement. Adding in position functionality (height adjustments, lighting, environmental controls), and understanding the relevant operator adjacencies within the control room design layout. The operation’s communication needs and traffic flow are paramount in importance to how we design our suite of Smart Control Room™ solutions. Your mission-critical facilities deserve the very best control room design.

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Fixed Height Control Room Consoles

Delivering robust solutions with unlimited design configurations for your control room with:


Variable Height Consoles

Flexible and scalable solutions adjusted to the optimal height for operator console productivity:


Industry Specific Console Solutions

Built to fit any facility, our control room solutions meet the needs of your mission-critical facilities:

300 x 300 Millwork

Technical Console Millwork

Experience the quality and design of EVANS command control room millwork that adds unparalleled user functionality:


Monitor Mounting Control Systems

Engineered for performance, flexibility, and durability, providing ultimate control station comfort:

300 x 300 Accesories

Control Station Accessories

Flexible console accessories that maximize the workspace and enhance operator station comfort: