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With over 40 years of experience in Mission Critical Control Rooms, Evans provides unique expertise in creating state-of-the-art Real Time Crime Centers. We provide a holistic approach to the Real Time Crime space, considering the needs and demands of real-time policing and offering the best in acoustics, lighting, technology and operator comforts. Evans truly builds the RTCC of the future. 

A Word about Real Time Crime Centers  

There are now more than 123 RTCCs across the US, and this number is growing. 

Think of a Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) as a high-tech hub for law enforcement agencies. Its main goal is to ensure law enforcement and public safety teams have all the critical tools and technologies at their fingertips to ensure crime is being reported accurately and effectively to the boots on the ground. 

Every RTCC is unique, yet they share a common purpose: aggregate surveillance data throughout a city to build a real-time view of criminal activities. RTCCs use various technologies, including CCTV, ALPR cameras, gunshot sensors, and social media monitoring. Thanks to all this technology, police can improve their focus on keeping everyone - officers, citizens, and the community - safer by responding to criminal activity. 


Our Real-Time Crime Center Design Experience  

Evans builds control rooms for Real Time Crime Centers. This includes the integration of Technology such as video feeds or data storage while accounting for operator ergonomics, acoustics lighting, and sight lines.  

Our proven methodology, quality standards, and 40 years of experience in mission-driven environments make Evans the best choice for developing and implementing a Real Time Crime Center.  With us, you will get an enduring, high-quality control room tailored to stand the test of time. Whether you are currently operating an RTCC or aiming to build one, we have you covered.  



Main factors to consider when designing a Real-Time Crime Center 


Verbal communication is important to understand the big picture in an RTCC and makes acoustics more critical. RTCC personnel should be able to communicate easily with each other without interfering with their ability to talk with field units. Evans will help you review the comprehensive approach to the room based on your specific needs and demands. 

Monitors, video walls, and site lines:

The ability to aggregate many systems into a single pane of glass is a huge benefit. RTCC personnel must be able to view video surveillance tools and search multiple databases, including intelligence resources, simultaneously. While it is not critical for an RTCC to have a video wall, it can be useful for visiting personnel/command personnel, providing a global view of what is occurring and how field units are responding.  


Lighting is critical in any control room environment. Improper lighting is one the biggest factors that contribute to shift operator fatigue, along with poor acoustics. You might take different approaches to lighting when looking at the room versus on a console position basis focused on task-oriented light (or a mix of the two). Here at Evans, we offer multiple solutions for complex illumination required in any integrated operations center. 

Ergonomics in a Real-Time Crime Center 

The RTCC environment is frequently an open-style room, allowing the operators to engage easily with a person next to them and share information or tasks. In typical 911 environments, operators take calls from their console position and will stay there during the entire shift. In an RTCC, information sharing between operators and the specific console layout will need to reflect this exchange of information. Verbal communication and movement by RTCC personnel are vital, so the environment should support it. Again, your design will vary depending on your specific situation.  

Real-Time Crime Center Control Room Security Trends 

What data RTCC collect and store:  

  • IP video monitoring system data  
  • Video surveillance data (also known as CCTV)  
  • License plate recognition data 
  • Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) data 
  • Intelligent vehicle tracking 

Data security is a paramount priority for all RTCCs right now. As technological advancements continue to reshape surveillance systems, the need to fortify defenses against potential breaches and cyber threats becomes increasingly crucial. In response to the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, RTCCs are implementing robust measures, from encryption protocols to regular security audits, to ensure the integrity of the data they handle.  

How can Evans Help You Build a Real-Time Crime Center?  

Our understanding of the vital elements impacting mission-critical operations is unmatched. We apply our industry expertise to consistently provide control room solutions that drive change and process improvements across the industry. Our clients work with us because we keep an eye on market trends, environmental demands, and longevity requirements.  

We have teams that deal with the entire range of Real-Time Crime Center implementation including consulting, operational planning, control room design, project management, console design, console manufacturing, installation, warranty, ongoing support, and Evans Care. We are your ideal partner to build the most optimal RTCC.  


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