Evans Assisted Cedar Rapids with Control Center Morale

CECOM Logo Joint communications cedar rapidsThe Cedar Rapids Joint Communications Agency (Iowa) had eight dispatch consoles that needed attention. The 911 center wanted to ensure it was evident that they were doing everything possible to keep the center clean and prevent the spread of COVID-19. This case study is about how this was achieved.

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5 Questions with Joseph about EvansCare

Read the following Case Study and the five questions addressed to Joseph McCarville of the Cedar Rapids Joint Communication Agency. Read to the end for bonus information on the EvansCare process. Thanks for your kind words, Joseph!

"The EvansCare service was awesome to have done here. It assisted with overall control center morale and made our workplace better as a whole"

-Joseph McCarville (Operations Manager)


1610x231-Evanscare-Logo Q1. Why did you contact EvansCare, and what was the main objective for requesting service?

Our main objective was to deep clean the hard-to-reach areas of each console that remain dusty because they are rarely “seen.” We were also hopeful that this would assist in the number of people that talk about only sneezing at work and how dirty the consoles are.


Q2. Did EvansCare meet your expectations upon completing the service?

Absolutely — we scheduled our service on a date that worked for everyone (Evans and the CR-JCA Management staff to be on-site). The afternoon prior to arrival, I was notified that the President of the United States would be landing at our airport and doing a press conference about COVID-19.

With Evans already on the way, we stuck to our plan. Evans uses heavy-duty equipment to clean consoles and at no time did the dispatchers complain of the noise as it was very minimal. Our agency was also impacted by a huge storm eight days prior to Evans arrival called a derecho (an inland hurricane). Trees were down all over the city, traffic lights were still out, and stop signs were missing.

I communicated with the Evans team that our center was still extremely busy from the storm. Plus, we had the President in town. The EvansCare staff members were excellent about all these situations and understood 100% in working with our staff. The two staff members on site for the cleaning were fantastic to work with.

One of the interesting things to see was the bag of dust and 2nd bag of “items collected” from underneath our consoles. Some interesting items that are not cluttering our space anymore!


Q3.  What were the main benefits to you and your employees?

The main benefit we have seen is the employees appreciating that we had this done. Some have even asked if we can do this service every year. There were a few comments made that this was an awesome service to have done. It assisted with morale about our center overall as a whole.


Q4. Is there anything you recommend we do differently or anything else we should know?600x280-8things-EvansCare

The main point of contact Tanya Lee was incredible to work with. She remained in contact, and provided updates along the way on what to expect.

My apologies, I do not remember the two gentlemens’ names that arrived on the scene, but they were exceptionally easy to work with. The two provided excellent updates on what to expect for the day and provided updates along the way. This really helped manage expectations and keep the control room running smoothly the entire time they were working.


Q5. What is your advice to others who might be considering EvansCare services?

I would ask, does your staff consider your workplace dirty? If yes, look into EvansCare as a way to boost morale around this topic. I’d also ask - have you ever had any dispatch computers that stopped working and then when replacing them they were covered in dust? If yes, this service may assist with equipment cost savings as well.

-Joseph McCarville


What's the word on the street about EvansCare?EvansCare-Word-on-the-street-graphic

  • EvansCare uses noise-canceling blankets to ensure minimal noise disruption.
  • EvansCare wipes down all components on work surfaces including monitors, mice, and all high touch surfaces. They do this a minimum of three times!
  • EvansCare goes above and beyond communicating with your center so you know what is happening every step of the way.
  • EvansCare services the smallest details leaving no stone unturned with every service.
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Would you like to know more about our process?

Fill out the form on this page, and we will send you 8 points on the EvansCare process. What the service covers, how we help your console equipment last longer, and how your employees will be healthier because of the clean work environment.


The EvansCare team is thorough, and they will clean your consoles up and down. This includes:


  • Behind your console,
  • Underneath your console,
  • Inside the cabinets,
  • All work surfaces,
  • All keyboards and mice,
  • Dusty wires are taken care of,
  • Dusty CPUs carefully cleaned.

They even take the time to make minor adjustments to your consoles like tightening hinges and screws. If they notice that your console is not aligned properly they will fix the alignment too. This ensures the weight is even on both sides and will extend the life of your console.

Your operators will enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment! Making them happier to be at work and feeling better physically and emotionally.

Manager of EvansCare Console Cleaning & Maintenance

Tanya Lee is the manager of EvansCare Preventative Maintenance & Console Cleaning Services. Tanya and her team serve mission-critical environments across Canada and the United States. Tanya's passion and 25+ years of experience in health and safety for control rooms maker her a leader and advocate in operator health and wellness.



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