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How Did Evans Help Implement Plexi-Glass Safety Barriers?

While it seems like everyone is currently working from home, it's easy to forget that it isn't an option for many mission-critical operations. Perfecting social distancing becomes a difficult task in most 24/7 environment, now more than ever, they need to be focused and able to perform their duties in a safe environment.

Our client came to Evans looking for a way to ensure their operations were able to continue during the pandemic. They wanted their operators to feel safe in a hygienic and healthy environment. Evans implemented plexi-glass safety barriers to achieve this safer and more comfortable workplace. The barriers were implemented so nobody would have to worry about the person sitting next to them, getting direct support from a supervisor or conversations with coworkers. It helped reduce the worry of COVID-19 and keep their operations going.

Engineering a Solution to Fit in a Coronavirus World

1200x630-PersonalPartition1-1Evans internal engineering team worked closely with the client to develop a robust solution designed specifically for their existing consoles. The Personal Partition System is a plexi-glass partition that can easily be secured to the console's outer edges to provide a physical barrier against contaminants. They also create a visual cue to reinforce social distancing measures. The partitions can then be stored on-site and reused as needed, ensuring safety for years to come. 

Operational Communication Command Center for Public Safety

After installation of the safety barriers:

RCMP web2


Note from Evans:

Thanks for reading this case study and we look forward to helping you implement something similar or helping you design, build and install your own top of the line critical console infrastructure.

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