This post showcases a unique Evans project that we designed, manufactured, and installed. This project feature is an installation of the Trans Bay Cable control room, located in San Francisco, CA. Learn more about the design of this room and the unique project elements.

Custom-Made Consoles With Sleek Design

Trans Bay Cable was selected to provide energy to the City of San Francisco by the California Independent System Operator (California ISO). TBC began planning to upgrade its existing control room in 2020 and chose Evans for the design process. The control room features our Response NEXTGen line of consoles. The consoles were custom-made with a robust frame to withstand the test of time while still keeping a sleek and clean design. Here is a photo from our manufacturing facility that shows the strong frame of the Evans NEXTGen Console.


Unique Project & Design Elements for Trans Bay Cable

The project with TBC included some very unique design elements including a curved console built to fit specifically into the customer room. The project elements included:

  • 1 Large horseshoe console that wraps around the room.
  • 1 Double-sided console for flexible worker access.
  • Unique rack enclosures are hidden in the base.
  • Full EnviroLinc system integration.

The complete build and consoles were inspected in our staging area at our manufacturing facility. Our goal was to ensure the specifications and design met the exact specifications of the customer before delivery and installation. The quality check is an integral part of the Evans process!  Take a look at how everything came together in the staging and sign-off process.


Evans Custom End Panels with Customer Logo

Each of the end panels included the Trans Bay Cable logo as you can see on the left-hand side of this picture. A great feature that gives your control room nice custom branding. You can customize these end panels however you like.


Evans End-To-End Service Includes Installation

After meeting quality assurance standards, we sent the consoles disassembled, packed, and sent on their way. Once at the destination, our installation team worked diligently to get the room up and running. It's amazing to see when a room finally comes together with the finishing touches!


Contact Evans & More Information

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We also have an interesting white paper available to download titled "Changing the way we Think About Control Rooms." Read more about the topics discussed in the paper by clicking the image below.

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changing the way we think about control rooms, by Matko Papic