When you choose Evans, you get more than just quality state-of-the-art console equipment. You get our entire team which has over 40 years of experience designing and building control rooms. You get our team that prepares all the documents and drawings you require to meet operational standards. This includes our manufacturing team, project managers, designers, modelers, regional sales managers, shipping experts, and installers.

What's Included in the Evans End-to-End Process?

We are experts at manufacturing the consoles themselves, but we are also very good at managing the whole process to build exactly what you need and to meet operational requirements. From acoustic panels to Factory Acceptance Testing. Learn about how we take care of our clients from start to finish, all the way from initial consultation to ongoing support and EvansCare. Let us help you get your mission-critical environment operating in peak condition.

This post includes 3 main sections: 


Section 1: What's Included for Evans Consoles Clients?

Not everyone will require the advanced documentation we describe in the next section. The list here in section 1 is provided for all of our clients at no extra cost. It is quite an extensive list to make sure you have everything you need from the moment you engage with us to well after we install your project.

Here is what Evans includes for all of our clients:

  1. Project scheduling from start to finish - This includes quotes, approval drawings, manufacturing, and installation scheduling. Our goal is to make it work within your timelines and get everything completed on time and with minimal impact on your existing operations (live cutovers).
  2. Detailed engineering drawings - Our design and modeling teams are experts at creating solution drawings for your entire control room including the consoles, millwork, video walls, break rooms, and kitchens. They take into account operator sightlines, optimal console positioning, and acoustical additions where required.
  3. Storage instructions for your console - Make sure that you know how to leave your consoles when unattended and if you need to store them we outline how to do so to make your equipment last.
  4. Console preservation recommendations - Extend the life of your equipment by practicing proper use of your consoles and maintenance. For things like console alignment and which cleaners to use for the surface of the consoles, we make sure to outline all the best practices. EvansCare is an option to make sure these things are completed once or twice per year.
  5. EvansCare maintenance service - Keep your center clean and improve the morale of your operators with our detailed EvansCare services. This is NOT a janitorial service but a comprehensive maintenance overhaul that cleans dirt and grime from your console, machines, cables, and keyboards. We sanitize with hospital-grade cleaners and do all of this quietly and only one console at a time so your center keeps operating fully during the whole service. We will also tighten screws and align your consoles to make sure they last even longer.
  6. Lifetime warranty - Our control room consoles are built to last and our warranty backs that up. The Evans warranty includes all fixed structural frame components, and all static exterior panels. worksurface parts, all adjustable, sliding, or hinged mechanisms or parts (with 5 years for labor). Other components including E-arms, EnviroLinc, and LumiLinc come with a 3 or 5-year warranty.
  7. Client Services - Our client services team is there for any type of question, concern, or parts replacement. We are there if you need more monitor arms, additional lighting, or insights on how to use EnviroLinc. Client services are available for you during our business hours.
  8. Consulting and Project Management Teams - You get access to both of these teams at no extra cost. Our consultants will make sure we have taken all aspects of your situation into account including circadian lighting, room acoustics, human traffic flow throughout your center, console positions, raised flooring, and any other topics that are important to you. Our project management group makes sure everything is on schedule from design to installation. We can even provide additional document compliance at your request and an extra cost. These items are all outlined in section 2 below.



How does this list benefit you, your control room, and your operators?

So what? How does this list help you specifically? Here are more points on why to choose Evans and how we help you:

  • You get what you want and your vision will remain intact, our consultation process and sale team are very good at finding out exactly what you want and need, then making it happen.
  • Operators will be healthy and work in an ergonomic environment (proper chairs, sit-stand consoles).
  • Design drawings and revisions. We help you visualize your control room whether it is a new building, a retrofit of an existing space, or just the consoles. Our design team will make sure you get what your operators need and deserve. We can even create Virtual Reality walkthroughs of the space to more accurately visualize sightlines and console positions (available at an extra cost).
  • Hire one company to get it all done, no need to coordinate with multiple firms (architecture, construction, console, AV, etc.). Get it all done with Evans Consoles, we manage the entire process.
  • We won't abandon you after installation, we are always one phone call away. You can reach out to:
    • Your sales representative will be happy to answer questions or direct you to the right place.
    • Client services will help you get more accessories, E-arms, or troubleshoot.
    • EvansCare as described above will ensure your consoles last longer and your operators stay happy.


Section 2: With Evans, You Get all the Extras, What Else Do We Offer?

Evans adds value at every turn. Most other console manufacturing companies don't have the resources to include the extras you need for each project, things such as document compliance or Factory Acceptance Testing. Evans Consoles has the people to not only get your project completed promptly but also provide the value add documents you require. Just request what you need, and we will get it done. We care about your documentation compliance and project's operational requirements, and if your budget allows it, we can work it into your project proposal.

At your request, Evans can also include the following:

  1. Health and Safety Documents.
  2. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) Documents.
  3. Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) Documents.
  4. Inspection Test Plans.
  5. Quality and Management Plans.
  6. Electrical Drawings.
  7. Monthly Project Management Reports.
  8. Providing shop drawings into client drawing templates IE: Title blocks.
  9. Engineering stamps for electrical and console drawings.
  10. Other items can be included at your request, just ask!

Request any of the above from Evans and we will make sure to include it in your project. Whether it comes from project management or our electrical team we will make sure it happens and we have the resources to do so. Keep in mind that these extras are not automatically included in all projects and adding them will increase your budget. But if you ask what we can accomplish for you it may make sense for us to do some or all of what you have in mind. From document control and compliance to inspection test plans, we have done it all in the past and we can do it for you too.

So what? How does this help you and your operators? 

What are the benefits of adding in extra items?  What do you get out of the extra cost of having us help you with document compliance and additional items?

  • Save time - Allow your director and internal teams the ability to stay focused on their jobs, we can help take the load off.
  • Proper documentation and control processes - Make sure all documentation is accurate and sent to the appropriate parties, these documents are also properly vetted by Evans.
  • Schedule and time management - One of the hardest things is making sure everything stays on time and on schedule. There are sometimes things that are out of our control like global supply chain delays, but to the best of our ability, we deliver on time.
  • Safety - You will have the documentation to operate safely and utilize Evans equipment to the best of your ability.


Our Experienced Teams will Take your Project to the Finish Line

When you work with Evans you are getting the expertise of our entire team. This includes engineering, sales, design, modeling, visualization, electrical, production planning, transportation, project management, construction, and installation teams. We have been in business since 1980 and many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years, some for over 30 years! That means for those who have been with Evans for 5 years or more this equals over 2000 years of combined experience with an average tenure of 14 years*. This includes both the manufacturing and office workers at Evans. Work with Evans to ensure you get the expertise you deserve and that your investment lasts for decades to come. We want to make sure you get everything you need in the entire process.

*Calculation includes all active employees from both the manufacturing plant (1154 years of combined experience, an average tenure of 14.6 years) and the office employees (1167 years of combined experience, an average tenure of 13.5 years).


Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the information in this post or any of our products.
You can also book an appointment to visit one of our Experience Center Locations. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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Section 3: How Do We View the Entire Evans Process?

What offerings and resources can we offer to you? Evans has teams that deal with consulting, operational planning, control room design, turnkey construction, project management, console design, console manufacturing, installation, warranty, ongoing support, and EvansCare. Details on each of these steps are included below, just click on the above anchor links to jump to your desired section.

For console production, we want to make sure that you can prepare what is needed for your entire project. Our goal is to make it easy for you to complete your project and get all the items needed for all the stakeholders.

Consulting & Operational Planning - Unparalleled Expertise

The configuration of your control room space has to enable peak operational performance. Our team of control room specialists has the experience to make that happen. We interview key stakeholders involved in the project and then start to design an effective control room solution to maximize efficiency. You will need a comprehensive consulting partner that has the solutions and scale to seamlessly connect current and future needs. Read more about Consulting and Control Room Planning.

consulting - 1280x499

Control Room Design - Our Experience is Your Advantage

Our focus on your mission-critical environment is your strategic advantage. From consoles that rise to operational standards to appropriate lighting, seating, A/V solutions, access flooring, and custom millwork. We will help you see the control room environment in a different light, with custom designs to fit your unique space.

Learn more here.


Evans Turnkey Construction Solutions

We can help you build brand-new structures or complete renovations of an existing space. Most building construction comes with a substantial financial cost. Our solutions-based approach significantly improves control room efficiency and the working environment for operators. We employ modular construction techniques that work around existing operations using seamless live cutovers. The Evans Construction Services team coordinates site requirements and the construction schedule so you can focus on other tasks.


Your Project Management Team Includes Dedicated Managers

Your project manager will help get it all done and organized. They will guide and manage your project to ensure success from inception to completion. Project initiation and planning phases are crucial to success. No matter the size or scope of the project we have project plans that use a straightforward approach to ensure quality and consistency. Depending on the project’s operational requirements, size, and complexity, Evans will provide:

  • Project Management Plan including - Project Drawings, Price Quote, Bill of Materials, Production Schedule, Delivery, and Installation Plan.
  • Project Execution - Factory Acceptance and Testing, ISO 9001 Quality Inspection & Reports, Site Inspection and Acceptance, User’s Manuals, As-Built Bill of Materials, and Drawings.
  • Post Installation - Warranty and Parts Support, Evans Care Onsite Cleaning and Maintenance Services.


Console Design Including Response NEXTGen

The Evans-built Response NEXTGen incorporates the latest in support technology with almost endless options. EnviroLincadds personalized environmental controls like temperature, lift control, audio, and more. LumiLinc™ situational awareness light blades or light sabres with work surface eyelets, make sure your team is aware of every situation that comes their way. Response NEXTGen is our signature console but we have other options you may want to explore as well.


Console Manufacturing Focused on Continuous Improvement

Our console manufacturing teams have become very good at what they do over the last 40 years. Our processes are constantly being refined and improved. The combined experience of Evans manufacturing employees that have been with us for over 5 years adds up to over 1000 years. That is a lot of experience to build the quality consoles that will host your operators.


Installations Planned for Your Specific Control Center

Our installation teams deliver a professional and friendly experience when they arrive to install your new consoles. Our goal is seamless execution with transportation, delivery, and live cutovers when installing. This means minimal disruption to your operations. Our installers know to keep the volume to a minimum and will work around operating positions. Phased installations are also possible, we make sure to discuss beforehand so a plan is in place for a smooth install.


Lifetime Warranty & 3-5 Year Warranty for Parts

Our consoles are built to last and our warranty backs that up. The Evans lifetime warranty includes all fixed structural frame components, and all static exterior panels. worksurface parts, all adjustable, sliding, or hinged mechanisms or parts (with 5 years for labor). Other components including E-arms, EnviroLinc, and LumiLinc come with a 3 or 5-year warranty.


Client Services & Evans Ongoing Support Teams


Our Client Services Team is ready to handle anything after installation. This includes warranty work, new console parts, or accessories to make every day easier for your operators. Client Services is a phone call or email away to help you with anything. They can be contacted by

Additionally, your sales representative would be happy to assist with your request. If you have lost their contact information then Client Services can point you in the right direction. Having your project number handy will help things move faster. Typically a sticker with your project number on it can be found on your console in three places: on the inside of the console door panels, underneath your console worksurface, or on the actual console frame.

EvansCare Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning

Protect your investment by keeping dust, dirt, and debris out of your cables and equipment. Your operators will also thank you for boosting morale and keeping their workplace clean (air quality and surfaces). EvansCare is NOT a janitorial service and we do not empty the garbage or vacuum the floors. Our focus is on the consoles themselves, we even tighten hinges, screw, replace broken hardware, and clean overhead lighting! Many of these things are not included in your janitorial service. You spent the cash on new consoles and maybe even computer equipment...so make sure to keep them tidy and ensure they last longer. We clean any consoles built and delivered by any company so do not hesitate to book your appointment. Learn how to protect your control room investment by downloading this free Whitepaper:

EvansCare Whitepaper


Evans Consoles Has Over 2,000 Hours of Active Experience

We have been in business for over 40 years and many of our employees have been with us for a very long time. The experience of our manufacturing and office employees who have been with Evans for 5 years or more equates to over 2000 years of combined experience with an average tenure of 14 years. This is a lot of experience and does not include experience gained before those employees came to Evans. When you hire us you hire a wealth of experience.

Thank you for reading this article and if you are interested in learning more about the topics in this post or about any of our products please contact us or book an appointment to visit one of our Experience Center Locations.

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