EvansCare Preventative Maintenance + Console Cleaning Manager


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Tanya Lee is Manager of EvansCare Preventative Maintenance + Console Cleaning Services, which services mission-critical environments across Canada and the United States. 

With 25+ years’ experience in the medical and 911 industry, Tanya has gained vast experience in a variety of positions. Tanya was an OSHA coordinator, patient care specialist, surgical assistant, and started her own medical transcription business after starting her family. Her experience in the medical field early in her professional career made for a smooth transition into the 911 industry. Tanya’s passion for the health and safety of operators in control rooms, paired with her thorough understanding of cleaning and preventative maintenance in mission-critical environments, makes her a perfect fit for managing our EvansCare services. Her passion is for the heroes serving behind the scenes every day, and she is an advocate for what they do. 

Married to Nathan Lee, founder of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation, they reside in Florida with their seven (yes seven!) children. In their free time they enjoy …. wait a minute, they have no free time! 

                      Feel free to contact Tanya for all your                          Preventative Maintenance + Console Cleaning needs!




Topics: Clean Consoles, Command Consoles, PSAP Consoles, Comm Center Consoles, Health, Console Cleaning