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EVANS Introduces New EVANS Care™ Console cleaning and Maintenance Service

Vienna, VA – May 8, 2018

EVANS Consoles Incorporated, (“EVANS”), the global leader in designing and equipping 24/7 mission critical operations, is pleased to announce today the formation of its new service offering called “EVANS Care”. EVANS Care will provide console cleaning and maintenance services for the control room industry.
From detailed cleaning of consoles, accessories, chairs, AV systems and other equipment, to preventative maintenance such as hinge repairs, cabling and cable management, leveling of doors and keyboard tray repairs, EVANS Care ensures the investment that organizations make in their control rooms is protected.
“Maintaining air quality is paramount in a mission critical environment. And while control room design standards help define the optimum operating environment requirements, it is the ongoing focus on cleaning and servicing which ensures maintaining the high operating and air quality standards throughout the life of the operation,” commented William Burkett, CEO of EVANS.
Control rooms are used 24x7 and are generally very poorly cleaned. Most office cleaners will do a cursory cleaning of the surfaces of the consoles, flooring and possibly the chairs; however, they do not go within the cavities for a proper, deep clean. Inside these cavities, a significant amount of dust, mite and mold issues can occur, which represents a health, safety and equipment performance risk. In addition, the day-to-day, 24x7 use of the consoles results in minor misalignments, loose hardware and damage, which affects the ongoing performance and the life of the consoles and equipment.
“The introduction of EVANS Care is a testament to our dedication to the mission critical operations we serve,” added Ward Hayworth, Executive VP of Sales for EVANS. “Our team has a deep understanding of control room environments and their operational requirements. Our cleaning and maintenance service emphasizes a non-disruptive approach in order to avoid any potential impact on of mission critical technology or infrastructure.”