With the recent launch of EvansCare, we have been inundated with questions on what exactly is EvansCare.

Tanya Webster, Manager, EvansCare Preventative Maintenance + Console Cleaning takes over our blog to get personal and answer your questions.

What is EvansCare?

EvansCare is a service that is specialized to console furniture. It is an extensive cleaning and maintenance service that can take between two and four hours per console - depending on the brand, how old the furniture is, and how dirty the consoles are.

Our crews clean every single part of the console, inside and out, behind, underneath, etc. We pride ourselves on touching each surface at least three times during our cleaning process. We wipe down all mice, monitors; clean all of the debris out of the keyboards, accessories, chairs, AV systems, and other equipment.

Why choose EvansCare?

One of the questions that I address on a regular basis is why choose EvansCare over a regular janitorial service company? This is a valid question considering that janitorial services are a fraction of the cost of specialized console cleaning and preventative maintenance services.

EvansCare is a service that was created specifically for mission-critical environments. As the global leader in mission-critical control rooms, we have an in-depth understanding of what is required to protect and make your investment last.

What is the difference between EvansCare and a janitorial service?

A janitorial service will spend very little time cleaning a console thoroughly mainly because they are not specially trained to know their way around a console. A janitorial service focuses on quick service. They are not paid to spend that much time on your consoles. Their focus is quickly wiping things down, vacuuming as far as the vacuum will reach, and calling that a job well done.

EvansCare takes a deeper approach. EvansCare removes the dirt and debris that builds up in and around wires, cabling, and the power strips - this helps the equipment run more efficiently and helps reduce the possibility of the equipment overheating. All working surfaces are wiped down with a low scent cleaner and monitors are cleaned with specialized monitor products.

What is preventative maintenance?

To prevent future problems it is important to take care of your investment.

Continuous use of your consoles results in minor misalignments, loose hardware, and damage, which affects the ongoing performance and the life of the consoles and equipment.

EvansCare inspects every part of the console. All minor adjustments will be made such as hinge adjustment, tightening or replacing screws, etc. thus ensuring that the console is performing to its maximum potential protecting your investment in your console furniture.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to having your consoles serviced by EvansCare including health benefits, fewer rodent issues, and fewer insect breakouts (fleas and bed bugs are very common as their breeding ground is thick, dusty environments). The value and benefit it offers not only for your console furniture but also for the people in your facility.

  • Improved health benefits
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Cable management

Once our service has been completed your consoles will look and feel brand new! The best part is all of the services we perform take place while the center is live and there is no need to move to a separate location while EvansCare is taking place.

Each member of EvansCare is CJIS certified. Our certified crews comply with all safety regulations and standards and take additional site-specific training if necessary. Our EvansCare crews understand they may be working in highly secure areas and work to ensure we comply with our customers’ security protocols.

Do you clean other brands of consoles besides just Evans?

Absolutely yes!

Whether it is ours or another brand, we clean and complete preventative maintenance services of all types.

The next time you are considering choosing a janitorial company over EvansCare please take all of these factors into consideration. Once you have had EvansCare services performed you will be able to experience the differences this service offers and the value and benefit it offers not only for your console furniture but also for the people in your facility.

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