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Why Evans


Evans understands the unique requirements of 24/7 control rooms and mission-critical environments, focusing on the needs of individuals and their interaction with technology. 
Your dedicated Evans team can provide you with a customized world-class environment for your operators. Our focus on your mission-critical environment is your strategic advantage. From operations center consoles to appropriate lighting, seating, A/V solutions, access flooring and custom millwork, our integrated, fully managed turn key approach benefits your project from start to finish.

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With over 10,000 mission critical facilities installed globally, Evans is the largest company focused on control room design & build in the world.




Evans completes over 60 projects every month, from PSAPs, to traffic 
control towers, to military command centers, to power plant and refinery control rooms. 
Our holistic approach to capturing and understanding your requirements is what sets us apart. From the initial site survey to live cutover planning, risk mitigation and overall room design, the Evans  team helps to ensure your environment is highly functional, ergonomically safe, attractive and durable, meeting current mission critical business requirements while being adaptable to future control room upgrades and expansion. Our vast experience working in many different vertical markets sets us apart from other manufacturers. 


At Evans, our  solutions offer a flexible approach to the design, taking into consideration your mission, operational objectives, and operator comfort.  From adding slatwall or slatrail, customer logos and our patented Unity Arm, Evans can provide a solution you will be proud to display to clients and prospects. 3D room layouts and product renders provide the overall look and functionality of the space before the 

manufacturing process begins.  Our tailored approach to each environment provides expert analysis and design geared towards your objectives within your unique space..


Freestanding without the need for panels, our aluminum and steel frame structure is the most structurally sound in the 
industry, providing the strength and stability necessary for your consoles to stand up to heavy duty 24/7 use for 15-20 years or more.


Renovating a dispatch center, while transitioning with a live cutover is a major undertaking. Evans has vast experience with providing products, services and recommendations for these types of applications, providing peace of mind for all involved. 


Steel trays distribute cables and wires throughout the consoles, keeping them out of sight, safe and accessible. 




With our heavy duty frame, high quality and workmanship, Evans consoles have a lifespan of 15–20 years, far exceeding other dispatch console furniture that generally holds up for only 7–10 years. Although Evans may not be the least expensive solution initially, our console longevity enables us to be the most economical solution and best value in the long run. When determining ROI, consideration also must be given to the associated costs and loss of productivity every time a center is renovated. Replacing your consoles every 7-10 years versus every 15-20 years will increase costs significantly.
We have many installs from the 1980s and 90s that are still in use today!
Our solution will give your dispatch center a true showroom look, allowing you to proudly display your facility to customers and potential clients for many years to come. A world class facility can help to generate more prospects and clients as well as helping to maintain your existing customer base. 
Providing your dispatchers with the highest quality product will improve morale, increase productivity and work quality, and help decrease expensive turnover in your center. 



Our worksurfaces are edged with our patented waterfall nosing comprised of molded urethane over extruded aluminum. This improves wrist comfort by eliminating contact stress caused by hard/sharp edges. In addition, if it’s ever damaged, it can be replaced in the field without replacing the entire worksurface. 


Evans uses lift columns for the monitor platforms rated at 550 lbs. each, whereas most manufacturers use columns rated at half of this capacity. The heavier duty arms will provide better strength and stability for the worksurface through repeated height adjustments. 


Our EnviroLinc system provides customizable comfort at your fingertips. Height of the surfaces, heating devices, fan speed, task lighting and overhead room lighting can all be controlled by the touch of a button, eliminating desk clutter. Having 
a clean desktop is important in any circumstance, but especially important in mission critical 
applications when lives are at stake! 


Our optional PowerLinc™ Hub is a patented modular Power Distribution System that can deliver up to 400% more power than conventional power bars. Each system can provide three 20 Amp circuits while maximizing flexibility and reducing electrical contractor costs.
Whether in the console or under a raised floor, PowerLinc’s combination of extruded metal casings, metal junction boxes and armored cable provides the strength needed to withstand 24/7 critical environments. 


Our warranty is the best in the industry. We offer a lifetime warranty on the frame system, panels and worksurfaces as well as five (5) years on our lift columns far exceeding the warranty other manufacturers offer. 


Over 95% of our finished product is manufactured and completed in house, giving us quality control over every step in the process. Evans is currently ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 9001:2008 certified, ISO 11064 compliant and all products are UL Greenguard Certified for low chemical emissions. No other manufacturer is comparable to this.

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