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Control Room Consoles Designed from the Operator Out

When we consider the cost of hiring new operators and training them to get up to speed we should be thinking about how we can retain existing operators by making their workplace more enjoyable.

Our ergonomically designed control room solutions encompass a variety of components essential to operators’ comfort and maintaining alertness and readiness for abnormal situations.

We consider various individual environmental factors that impact performance such as how people interact with each other and how they are routed throughout the control room on a daily basis and during upset conditions. The control room should be designed for the operators and that is our goal here at Evans.


Process Performance and Placement of Equipment

At Evans, we understand the importance of continuous network monitoring to minimize safety risks. Our solutions enhance control room operator output for critical monitoring; identifying areas to improve process performance and protect assets.

We assess the placement of equipment, as well as the range of motion that impacts the individual work environment. How our solutions support continuous change and high-stress levels present during abnormal situations is also of paramount importance.

Flexible and adaptable, our solutions address individual environmental controls such as lighting, temperature, air quality, height adjustment of the console and monitors, and situational lighting. All are designed from the operator out and with them in mind first.

We are here to answer your questions about your upcoming project or about how we can help improve your existing room through our EvansCare service or accessory additions. Whether you have an upcoming project or are looking to enhance your existing control room, we are always here to provide answers to any of your questions. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can improve your operators' experience and maximize their performance.

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