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With a lifespan of 20 plus years, our solutions’ longevity provides you the optimum return on investment and overall best value in the long run.

We design and manufacture our control room solutions to ensure high reliability and low maintenance requirements. Many of our project installations from the 1980s and 1990s are still operational today.

When determining a return on investment, consideration also must be given to the associated costs and loss of productivity every time a control room is renovated.

Our solutions will give your mission-critical operation a true showroom look, allowing you to showcase your facility to stakeholders, customers and prospective customers. Providing your operators with the highest quality equipment can also improve morale, increase productivity, work quality and decrease turnover.

ROI Factors include:

  • Debris, dust, grime and mold removal
  • Hinge repairs, console alignment
  • Operating Environment - comfort,  ergonomics, employee retention, reduced health claims, increased alertness
  • CR Lifespan - flexibility to change and adapt for technology, operating changes, expansion, and more

Future Proof for a Greater Return

Reliability is built into our design. Our complete range of solutions is designed with a future-proof approach.Purpose-built for collaborative, high-pressure environments, our solutions provide dynamic flexibility to withstand your day-to-day operations of shift changes, complex situations, and possible increased traffic flow, without jeopardizing durability.

Future technology upgrades through the life-cycle of your systems can seamlessly be added to create value overtime without retrofitting. All of our design features reflect all we have learned from creating mission-critical solutions.