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Devon Canada

Devon Canada

Location: Lloydminster, Alberta
Vertical: Process Control, Oil & Gas


The Client

Devon Energy Corporation is a leading independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Devon is opening Decision Control Centers (DSC) throughout Alberta and Sask. This group had never built control rooms and looked at Evans to provide design and TKS services for their first of 7 projects.


The Challenge

The current set-up is designed for a two person workplace with graphic wall and other components. It is crucial for the operator to access critical technology and features from the one workstation. Operator must be able to access touch screen LCD monitors from an ergonomic position.


The Solution

Evans supplied 2 Response consoles and associated millwork for the DSC. In addition, Evans supplied the following products for the DSC: raised flooring (ASM), carpet tile (Medallion), wall base, acoustic wall tiles, an office furniture desk (Trendway), 24/7 chairs (Concept) and desk chairs (All Seating). In addition Evans supplied the indirect lighting for the ceiling (Cree) and task lighting from Koncept.

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The Details

The general area in which they required offices and conference rooms were built with moveable walls in both solid and glass walls with both pivot doors and barn doors, carpet tile, wall base, indirect lighting, office furniture case goods and seating. Additionally Evans supplied and installed tile for the entry way and acoustical wall panels for the conference rooms and DSC. In the near future Evans will supply the boardroom tables, window blinds and other associated millwork.