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Airtel India

Bharti Airtel Limited 

Location: New Delhi, India
Vertical: Utilities


The Challenge

Airtel needed to build one data center to monitor and manage traffic and operations from over 70 network sources. The space needed to accommodate nearly 300 employees working around the clock to service all of Airtel’s network assets. As technology changes, the space also needs to be scalable to incorporate new expansion.




The Solution

Evans designed a completely custom console solution for Airtel’s headquarters in New Delhi, India. Partnering with Barco, the hundred seat installation incorporated rows of open concept desks. The worksurface bridged several base sections constructed with a new extruded aluminium frame design. The addition of the world’s largest suspended video wall 131ft x 27.5ft added the necessary video solution.

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The Details

Power and data points were added to the slatwall system providing easy access to the operator. The slatwall system was accented with a solid machined red top-cap spanning the entire length of the worksurface. Each row was completed with a curved endpanel emblazoned with Airtel logo. The entire worksurface is also accented with under counter lighting.