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Our Control Room Design Service Is Your Strategic Advantage

Designing a control room is not easy. Evans understands the unique requirements of 24/7 control rooms and mission-critical environments, focusing on individuals' needs and interactions with technology. Our control room designers analyze and recommend optimal control room solutions for your operations and facility. 

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Meet Mission-Critical Demands With Our Control Room Design Services

We will help you see the control room environment in a different light, with custom designs to fit your unique space. Our turnkey approach to custom control room design benefits your project from start to finish.

Our control room design services include:

  • Operation center consoles
  • Lighting
  • Seating
  • A/V solutions
  • KVM solutions
  • Acoustics
  • Access flooring
  • Custom millwork
  • Hardware
  • Furniture 

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Achieve Your Operational Objectives With Our Control Room Solutions 

At Evans, our turnkey construction offers a flexible approach to custom control room design services. We will collaborate with you to create a control room that takes into account your:

  • Mission
  • Budget
  • Operational objectives
  • Management goals
  • Relevant human factors
  • Safety
  • Operator’s comfort
  • Building
  • System Integration 

Plus, architectural drawings and 3D control room layout provide the overall look and functionality of the space before the manufacturing process begins. 

Whether you want to build a new control room or upgrade an existing space, our tailored approach to each control room environment offers expert analysis and ergonomic design to meet your specific needs. 

Feature Control Room Design Project: Trans Bay Cable 

Learn how Evans’ control room design consultants and architects created a unique design concept, control room layout, and specific design elements that met Trans Bay Cable’s unique operational requirements. Click the button below to read more.


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Our Control Room Design Process

With Evans Consoles, our design process ensures that every aspect of your control room is optimized for functionality, comfort, and efficiency.

Ergonomic Design

We will create a layout and select furniture that supports operators' comfort and health, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency. This can include adjustable chairs, proper desk heights, and considerations for the physical layout that minimize strain and maximize comfort.
Technology Integration

We ensure that all necessary technologies are seamlessly integrated. This integration includes setting up computer systems, displays, control panels, and communication tools. The design often incorporates multiple screens and interfaces that must be easily accessible and visible from operator stations.

Environmental Considerations

We design lighting, acoustics, and climate control to create an optimal working environment. Good lighting reduces eye strain, while effective acoustics can minimize distracting noises. Temperature and humidity controls help maintain a comfortable environment.

Visual and Display Ergonomics

We position screens and information displays to ensure they can be easily read without causing strain. The design usually considers sight lines and angles to ensure visibility and readability from different parts of the room.

Safety and Accessibility

We incorporate safety and security features into our control room designs and adhere to accessibility standards to ensure that all personnel can operate effectively regardless of physical ability. These safety considerations include emergency exits, safety protocols, and ensuring the design complies with local and international regulations.

Workflow Optimization

We plan the layout of the control room to optimize the workflow, ensuring that critical elements are within reach and that the movement within the space is efficient. This involves strategically placing equipment and furniture to facilitate easy communication and movement.

Scalability and Flexibility

We consider future needs, allowing for scalability and adaptability as technology evolves or operational requirements change. This can involve modular components or spaces designed to be reconfigured as needed.

Why Trust Evans Consoles With Your Control Room Design

  • 40+ Years in Control Room Design

Evans has provided innovative control room design solutions for mission-critical operations for over four decades. We understand the critical demands of operational environments across various industries and design control rooms that cater to the highest standards of comfort, safety, and efficiency.

  • Custom Control Console Design

At Evans Consoles, we will work closely with you to understand your operational requirements and design a custom solution that enhances functionality, maximizes space efficiency, and integrates seamlessly with your existing technology.

  • Complete Control Room Solutions

Evans Consoles offers full control room solutions, seamlessly combining design, construction, and installation. We will ensure that every project effectively meets the high standards necessary for mission-critical success from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Evans handle the design of control rooms for any industry?

Yes, Evans Consoles has the expertise and experience in control room design across various industries, including process control, utilities, military and government, public safety, air traffic control, and security.

How long does it typically take to design a control room?
There are six steps to creating a control room; design is the second step. Depending on the room's complexity, number of workplaces, and location, this step alone could take one to two months. 
Does Evans provide support for system integration with existing technology?
Yes, when we design a control room, we consider your existing technology to ensure full system integration.