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Meeting the demands of today’s traffic control rooms, Evans solutions are designed to support the operational and technological requirements of your organization. Our traffic management solutions incorporate the necessary components to support the number of processes, procedures, and technologies aimed at making roads and traffic efficient during times of congestion and emergencies.

Open Sightlines for Improved Communication

Supporting your day-to-day operation, our traffic control room solutions encompass a variety of components and features for improved visibility and communications. At Evans we understand that during times of road congestion, emergencies, or extreme weather conditions the function and demand of your control room shifts – making incident detection, managing, rerouting, and communication to motorists, local authorities, and media outlets imperative.

Designed to meet your operational and business objectives, our traffic operations console solutions support your team’s efforts for safer, more efficient roads - enabling improved communication and coordination between an operator and key stakeholders.

Operator Comfort & Healthy Ergonomics in Traffic Management Centers

Our ergonomic  traffic management solutions integrate a range of accessories and options that consider the placement of equipment, range of motion, environmental controls, and various other factors that impact daily operations and overall work environment.

Advances in our traffic control room components mean they can be adjusted to accommodate the individual operator’s preference which improves their productivity and overall health.

Flexible Traffic Management Operating Environments

Our team’s combined expertise can help you plan and design a solution for your operational success. We develop our products and applications with a forward-looking approach. Understanding your existing operations, we work to determine your immediate and future needs. The flexibility of our products means that aesthetics and operational functionality are consistent throughout periods of growth, made possible with additions to existing products.

Safety Compliance in Traffic Management

Our strict safety standards are applied to everything we do, both internally and externally. Our certified teams of installers adhere to all safety regulations and standards, ensuring a safe installation for everyone involved. Our teams also take additional site-specific training as needed to ensure we meet your safety protocols. We also recognize we may be working in secure areas, and work with you to ensure our team members understand and fully comply with all security protocols in your traffic control room.