Project of the Month is an ongoing series by Evans, that showcases our latest projects and installations. This month we are featuring this demo we made for our friends at Weytec!

Custom Console with a Clean, Finished Design

Weytec provides KVM solutions and AV products and solutions for all types of Command Centers and Control Rooms. We have been working with Weytec for a number of years, combining our solutions together in many different control rooms across the globe. They are an amazing partner of ours, and when they asked us to make a demo for them at APCO this year, we were more than happy to oblige!

Console Features & Design Features

  • Fully Stacked Unity Arm for multiple monitors
  • Custom LumiLinc Plexi panels with engraved Weytec and Evans logos
  • Backlit end panels with company logos
  • Under-counter accent lighting

The complete console was inspected in our staging area at our manufacturing facility. Our goal was to ensure the specifications and design met the exact specifications for Weytec before delivery. It was also a chance to see the full range of motion this console had to offer. The quality check is an integral part of the Evans process!

This particular demo was going to be on display on the show floor at APCO at Weytec's booth, before making its way across the ocean to a different location, so we had to ensure that the demo was made perfectly and arrived safely.


Unity Arm Control Through the EnviroLinc Interface

A big feature of the console is the multi-monitor Unity arm. The Unity arm has a full range of motion to accommodate any operator size, whether they are standing up or sitting. The unity arm has programmable height and focal depth settings and can be controlled via the EnviroLinc touch interface. View how the unity arm works in this video:

HubSpot Video

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We also have an interesting white paper available to download titled "Changing the way we Think About Control Rooms." Read more about the topics discussed in the paper by clicking the image below.

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changing the way we think about control rooms, by Matko Papic