Nathan Lee is the founder and President of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation which he formed after the preventable murder of his wife, Denise, in 2008. He has made his life's work to honor his courageous wife by promoting better training, standardized protocols, quality assurance, and technological advances for 9-1-1 so that it meets the expectations of all citizens. His testimony before the Florida Legislature in 2010 led to the passage of Florida's first-ever training and certification standard for all 9-1-1 Telecommunicators. 

He and the work of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation have been credited by several state initiatives to establish uniform training and certification standards and were recognized by several national 9-1-1 industry associations as the industry "Advocate of the Year" in 2011. He was awarded the Texas APCO President's Award and the National NENA Presidential Award in 2018. Nathan was recognized as one of the 50 "Most Influential People in 9-1-1" by the National Emergency Number Association, and the work of the foundation was recently honored by five national public safety organizations and the Congressional E9-1-1 Caucus as a testament to his determination to be a positive force for change. Over the last 10+ years he has traveled to 47 states sharing Denise's story.

Nathan was honored with a Congressional nomination to the United States Naval Academy, but was unable to attend. An accomplished musician, Nathan attended Jacksonville University on a music and Naval ROTC scholarships and he later attended the University of South Florida.

Married to Tanya Lee, Manager of EvansCare Preventative Maintenance + Console Cleaning, they reside in Florida with their seven (yes seven!) children.

Evans is a proud partner of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation!

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