Control room maintenance is important to ensure the longevity of consoles and operator health. Consoles can be one of the more challenging things to clean because of all the deep crevices and cables. Luckily, Evans has EvansCare, a service that deep cleans and services control rooms. Protect Your Control Room Investment today!

EvansCare Control Room Cleaning Taken to the Next Level

Evans CARES about all of you out there working in a 24/7 environment. From every type of room, operation, or console, we believe that everyone deserves to be working in a clean and healthy environment, especially now more than ever. A clean environment is important to not let dust and bacteria accumulate, which is key in preventing illness from spreading.


4 EvansCare Steps in Servicing Your Control Room

So, how does the EvansCare service work? Here are the four steps our team will take once we enter your facility. Our goal is to stay quiet and minimize any disruptions so you can keep working!

  1. SURVEY AND EVALUATE - Our CJIS-certified and mission-critical environment-trained crew enters the control room and surveys the space. Pointing out places in need of service, our crew is trained to find critical spots quickly and efficiently. Once all concerns are noted, our team moves in quietly to begin servicing.
  2. LIVE SERVICING - We perform the service while your center stays live, so your team can still work. Our live servicing is critical for environments with 24/7 operations. Our crew is trained to make sure they do not disrupt anything while services are being performed. If a critical event happens while our crews are present, we are trained to pack up quickly until a green light is given to resume.
  3. FROM THE ROOM TO THE DETAILS - While we do clean the entire center, our specialty is of course: cleaning the console. Our crews work through the console from top to bottom. Our crews work efficiently to remove all the dirt and dust and debris from the wires, storage cavities, and underneath small crevices. We will clean out all CPU cabinets and wipe down all high-touch surfaces (monitors, keyboards, and mice) at least three times with a low-scent, hospital-grade cleaner to ensure your staff stays safe and healthy! 
  4. PART REPLACEMENTS - If we notice issues with your consoles (missing parts etc.) we will document that on a report that you can use to send back to your console vendor so they can get you what you need.

Learn more about how to protect your control room investment in this informative whitepaper by Tanya Lee. One-click download, no email required. Click below to learn more and to download:

EvansCare Whitepaper


But does EvansCare service all brands of consoles?


We provide this service to any type of center and any type of console. No matter the brand or manufacturer, we know that all consoles build up dirt the same way. We are happy to get into the deep crevices and clean out no matter where the console comes from.

Doing Console Cleaning Right With EvansCare

Our EvansCare services ensure that your console lasts as long as possible, lessen the likelihood of electrical fires and overheating, and my favorite of all, it takes care of your people! Your team deserves the cleanest and healthiest environment possible and we can make that happen. Not only will this cut down on the sickness in your center but it will also save you money decreasing the amount of overtime and sick pay you will incur. Last but certainly not least, this service will boost the morale of your center by letting your staff know that they matter!


Manager, EvansCare

Tanya Lee is the manager of EvansCare Preventative Maintenance & Console Cleaning Services. Tanya and her team serve mission-critical environments across Canada and the United States. Tanya's passion and 25+ years of experience in health and safety for control rooms make her a leader and advocate in operator health and wellness.

Don't forget to check out Tanya's whitepaper titled "Protecting Your Control Room Investment". Download it for free and directly to your computer today:

EvansCare Whitepaper

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