The final stretch of the fiscal year is in sight, which means only one thing; it’s time to get your project proposals submitted. Are you looking at enhancing your existing command center? Building a new one?

Here are 5 ways Evans Federal can help.

  1. New Command Center Buildout

Are you in need of a new command center? Evans Federal solutions and services revolve around our focus on the people, the plan, and the process of your facility to drive performance.  Evans Federal end-to-end solutions can help with:

  1. Retrofit your Existing Control Rooms

Retrofitting an existing facility? Our Turn-Key Solutions are designed to improve operational performance, operator productivity, and, most importantly, the safety of your operations. Turn to Evans Federal to help:

  • Optimizing environment
  • Building out within an existing footprint
  • Live cutovers
  • Enhancements for operator productivity and safety

  1. Console Spring Cleaning with EvansCare!

EvansCare is mission-critical preventative maintenance and console cleaning. Investing in the maintenance of your consoles has many benefits, including:

  • Improved health benefits
  • Improved equipment efficiency
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Cable Management
  • Service for all brands of consoles, old or new

  1. Improve Operator Effectiveness

Learn about creating the optimal operator environment with ergonomics, personalized environmental controls, and operator accessories such as lighting, temperature, and air quality, enabling peak performance.

  • Ergonomics
  • Environmental controls
  • Accessories

  1. Technology Integrations

Structurally your command center meets your daily operational needs, but may not have stayed up to date with the persistent march of technology.

  • Powerlinc
  • Lumilinc
  • Acoustic panels
  • AV
  • Tech tables

Don’t miss out on the end of FY19 funds.

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