Calgary Banff View Experience Center

Welcome to the Calgary Banff View Experience Center, our pride and joy in Calgary, Alberta. This exceptional center showcases the latest in control room design and is conveniently located near the YYC airport. Immerse yourself in the fully integrated audio-visual solutions and cutting-edge integrations from industry leaders Barco and Evans.


Thank you to our partners who have contributed to the creation of this state-of-the-art facility, allowing us to showcase our exceptional consoles and products.

Whether you're researching or planning your next control room upgrade or renovation, our Experience Center in Calgary is the perfect place to visualize your vision. Explore stunning room images or take a captivating 3D walkthrough below. And don't forget, if you'd like a personalized in-person tour, simply let us know.

Explore the room images below or take a captivating 3D walkthrough. Lastly, don't forget to book a personalized in-person tour to get a detailed look at everything we have to offer and hear about our range of services that include design and long-term console maintenance.


Calgary Experience Center 3D Walkthroughs

Images are appealing, but nothing beats the immersive experience of a virtual walkthrough in a captivating 3D environment! Click the play button below to explore the Calgary Banff View Experience Center from the cozy confines of your own home.

Are you looking to pay us a visit and take a firsthand tour?

While our 3D walkthroughs provide a fantastic online experience of our showrooms, nothing quite compares to the magic of being here in person. At Evans, we understand that the true appreciation of our products' unparalleled quality comes from being able to touch and feel them yourself. Book your tour today!

Our experience center can be found at 1616 27 Ave NE, Calgary, AB - T2E 8W4.

Discover the best of both experiences with not just one, but two Experience centers awaiting your exploration in Calgary. View the City View Experience Center photos and 3D walkthrough and then engage in the ultimate sensory experience by booking your tour.

If you're excited about our Calgary Experience Centers, we'd love to see you in person, book now: