Syracuse University and EVANS take eSports to the next level!

Since 2014, eSports have grown in both scope and credibility.  The scene has ballooned to include over 125 programs, with a national governing body, the National Association of Collegiate Esports, as the main home for most of those organizations.  By 2022, an estimated 297 million people will be frequent viewers of eSport games and tournaments.  In September 2019, Syracuse University joined the other 57 schools offering eSports at the collegiate level in the Eastern College Athletic Conference.  Syracuse recognized the need to not only invest in this growing fringe club, but also in their students by providing them a state of the art, custom designed game room that allows the gamers to play at their optimum level, while building a stronger student community around them.  

The new gaming room has 36 battle stations designed and built exclusively by EVANS.  Syracuse chose EVANS for their 40 years experience in developing equipment for 24/7 mission critical environments.  The EVANS game stations offer Syracuse's budding professional gamers:

    •  Style and function in the form of connected Strategy Air consoles, with the unique LumiLinc plexi-panel to indicate if a station is available or being used, while providing a cool ambient light to the room's futuristic atmosphere.
    • Unparalleled durability for the intense collegiate gamers. While not a contact sport, battle stations can take a beating day in and day out in a busy gaming room, EVANS game stations are build to withstand the intense rigors of a 24/7 environment and backed by a lifetime warranty.
    • The optimal space to keep gamers happy, healthy and playing their best.  Ergonomically designed to prevent strain the gaming desks also employ EVANS patented PowerLinc system to provide as much juice as the Alien Aurora R8's require to ensure consistent up time and peak performance.
With the new gaming center, Syracuse is empowering it's eSport athletes to reach new heights and EVANS is proud to provide the infrastructure along the way!

Syracuse University Gaming Stations

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