We value our partners here at Evans and we enjoy working with each of them. Sometimes things go so well and our partners say kind things about us. We have some nice things to say about Intertech as well, a solid partner of ours for 20 years and counting. So before we quote what they said about us in their latest success story, we wanted to share our testimonial about Intertech from our CEO and COO:

Intertech Testimonial Quote from Evans Leadership

Over Evans’ 40 years history, we have relied on trusted partners such as Intertech to drive our growth and industry leading market share.  A relationship that goes back to 2001 is indicative of the level of trust, consistency,  professionalism and commitment that has made Intertech our premium partner in UAE. We appreciate that they have invested in our business in the region through marketing, tradeshows, technical training, certified installation training, sales training and onsite demo equipment programs.

-Bill Burkett, CEO

-Dr. Richard Game, COO

Intertech Success Story Featuring Evans

Now what did they have to say about us? For the story as posted on the Intertech site follow the link here or read below. Thanks Intertech!


With a lifetime warranty and partnership only available at Evans. It’s Intertech’s belief to provide its clients with the best available solutions for everything. When it comes to market leaders in technical furniture, Evans is your go-to solution. It is hard to imagine how Intertech could have started control room design solutions without Evans by our side, helping us make a shortcut to success in the control room industry.

We are grateful that Evans trusted our young company to work together, providing us with the technical studies for our first mega project, Dubai Police. Together, we were qualified to provide the client with the ergonomic study, which was eventually implemented and became one of the most successful operation rooms in the region.


Not long after, Evans provided us with a lead, which turned out to be one of our biggest and most iconic projects in Intertech history, Emirates Airline. That project was the longest when it came to the design phase, taking us almost 3 years and nearly 47 design versions to meet the client’s approval. It is now nearly 14 years in operation, and Evans’ console looks as good as brand new with complete client satisfaction.

During the years, Evans and Intertech designed and implemented dozens of control rooms in the region. The most common element is that the clients are always proud of their choice of Evans technical furniture. We can not recall a single client who wanted to replace Evans consoles, no matter how old. This proves that the best investment you can make in a control room is Evans.

Evans is one of the few partners who care a lot about our feedback and our views on new products development. The periodic gathering of the dealers from around the world at Evans’ facilities help us to shape our future offerings. It truly was one of the most memorable moments where business and pleasure can meet together.

Thank you to Intertech for your kind words and we look forward to working with you for many years to come! 

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