Evans Virtual Reality (VR) is another example of how we continue to push the innovation envelope in our industry. VR literally adds a new dimension that is unique in presenting project ideas and renders to clients. With VR you don’t just see your control room, you feel it. Imagine the decision making enlightenment!

2D drawings of a space are not overly effective, unless you’re a trained architect, designer or construction professional. 3D models work to some extent, but they’re confined to the computer screen, and you cannot truly experience your vision in your space. This is why so many companies are turning to technology advances like VR to enable the consumer to really experience the product or space. The VR experience reduces the experiential gap and brings a more realistic idea of what a console could be in their control room space.

Once the VR headset is on it takes you to a whole other world, or in this case, a whole other control room. It provides you the opportunity to not only examine the console, itself, but the entire control environment…sightlines, space relationships, etc. VR is still a relatively new technology; technology has not been commercially available for long. But even though it’s early days for VR the capabilities are extraordinary. It’s amazing how you can put the goggle headset on and be taken away.

Evans VR produces a 110 degree field of view for a totally immersive experience. It is also equipped with 360 degree motion tracking. This allows the user to explore every aspect in front, side to side, or behind them. The user is completely immersed into a whole other world. Not only is it cool, but it is practical and beneficial for the customer as they can make fully informed design decisions.

It can be easy to over or underestimate the size of a console, so to be able to see that “in person” is valuable in order to visualize properly. Using the motion trackers in the headset, you are able to walk right up to the virtual console, and take a look at all details that simply do not show up in architectural drawings. You can look at the cable management, and how it is implemented into the console. Take a look at how much space 3, 4, 5, or even 7 monitors look like mounted on a console. Bend down, turn around, and do any kind of “normal” motion one would normally do when checking out any new product. Any aspect you can virtually check out and see for yourself.

This year, the Evans VR setup will be available at APCO 2017. Visit our booth from August 13 to 16 at booth 501 to get the full experience with our talented team.

Topics: Ergonomics, Virtual Reality