APCO 2022 is just around the corner and we are looking forward to welcoming you at booth #210 in Anaheim, California from August 7-10! APCO is an educational-led, premiere event for all public safety professionals and telecommunicators. The Evans team is excited to present our unique 911 workstation design as well as an innovative approach to 911 centers of the future.

Here we are at APCO 2021 in San Antonio, TX:


Are you Excited for APCO 2022 in Anaheim?

APCO is one of the largest Public Safety shows of the year and boasts 10 professional development tracks, and more than 120 individual sessions focused on frontline communications, communication center management, cutting-edge technology and issues. There is plenty to learn about!

Learn about how we keep wellness at the forefront in the 911 profession. It is important for telecommunicators to know how to maintain wellness in order to perform at their best not only on a day-to-day basis but especially during an upset scenario. With over 40 years of experience in Mission-Critical environments, Evans has developed many best practices that work for each and every center in order to maximize operator efficiency and improve overall health.

Sneak Peek of our APCO Demo Console

Check out this preview of one of two demo consoles that will be at the event. We can't wait for you to see it in person! We think you will be very impressed with the various features and also the benefits a solid console can give your entire team.



Top 7 Reasons you Should Visit us at APCO 2022 in Booth #210:

  1. View our Demo Consoles -Stop by the Evans booth to see both of our demo consoles that are waiting to wow you. The blurred image above is a sneak peek of what you can expect from Evans at this year's conference. We have taken a unique approach with our layout by showcasing a 911 console as is typical today, while the other will show an optimal 911 workstation of the future. These consoles are essentially a Mini Operational Communications Setup that will also feature partners like WeyTec and Planar to give you an immersive experience. Stop by and see what your 911 Center of the future could look like!
  2. Presentation Center & Conversation Area -Come hang out in our conversation section and chat with us! We have a large booth this year with places for you to take a break and network. Give your legs a break from the show, join the conversation, relax, and hear about what makes Evans the global leader in designing, equipping, and supporting mission-critical operations.
  3. Meet our Public Safety Experts -Our Public Safety Experts, Chelsea, Guillermo, Brian, Graham, and Director of Public Safety, Megan, will all be in attendance! Our experts are ready to discuss with you any questions you may have in regards to consulting, design, and construction of your Emergency Communications Center. Tanya, Director of EvansCare, will also be there to discuss how important dispatch center cleanliness is and how to protect your furniture and technology investment. EvansCare services will help your equipment last longer and keep your staff healthy and happy.
  4. Learn about the Evans process -From start to finish we can help you with the design of your 911 center all the way to installation and maintenance. What is included in the Evans process? Whatever your specific situation requires, Evans can provide the following depending on your needs: Consulting, Operational Planning, Control Room Design, Turnkey Construction, Project Management, Console Design, Console Manufacturing, Installation, Warranty, Ongoing Support, EvansCare, and Console Maintenance.
  5. Presentation by Tanya Lee "Can My Environment Make Me Sick?" - On August 10th from 10:00 - 11:00 AM swing by convention center room 303 A-B for a presentation by Tanya Lee. She will be discussing key factors impacting your environment that can either positively or detrimentally impact the health of your employees. Additional discussions will include how ergonomics, lighting, and acoustics can impact both physical and mental health. We will also discuss how these factors impact overall morale and productivity including solutions that can be implemented to help ensure the health and safety of your center!
  6. Your Passport to Win, get yourself some Mouse Ears!  – Our partners, Weytech, Planar, and the Denise Amber Lee Foundation (DALF), all play an integral role in the Emergency Communications Center. We have a scavenger hunt planned for those who want to learn more about how each of these partners can play a role in improving your 911 center operations today! Grab a passport card from the Evans booth, then visit our partners to receive a stamp. Once you get all 4 stamps on your passport card you will receive a pair of Mouse Ears! Put on your listening ears, and learn how each of our partners can turn your 911 center into a state-of-the-art operation and improve operator health and wellness.
  7. Enter to Win a Wine Cooler plus Accessories -We will be giving away a wine cooler at our booth so make sure to stop by and enter to win. If you complete the above passport card with 4 stamps you will receive a second entry into the contest. Find your representatives from all 4 companies to get those entries in and of course your pair of mouse ears too :)


Learning Objectives from Session with Tanya at APCO 2022

After attending this session at Anaheim APCO participants will leave with:
  • Knowledge of the main factors that can impact their physical and emotional health and those of their colleagues and employees.
  • Solutions and tools to take back to their center in order to impact the overall health in a positive way.
  • Peer support program information that participants can take back to implement in their own 911 operation centers.

Make sure you find us at Booth 210

View the online map here or the image below to find our team at APCO! We are located near the entrance right beside the Motorola booth. Come say hi to our team when you arrive.


Looking to Explore Evans Solutions Further? Visit an Experience Center!

Whether you attended APCO and want to view more of what we have to offer or if you missed APCO entirely, no problem. Our Experience Centers are always open for you to visit, just click the image below and browse our locations near you. If you don't live close to our locations or are unable to travel we can always schedule a virtual tour for you and your team. Here are all the options for you to explore our Experience Centers:

  1. View photos from each location.
  2. Explore each location via our online 3D walkthroughs.
  3. Schedule a virtual tour and our team will talk with you online.
  4. Schedule an in person visit and tour an Experience Center.

All of the above options including booking a tour can be completed on our website by clicking the Explore link below and choosing your preferred location. Happy browsing!

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