Without proper workspace maintenance and cleaning, your consoles are at risk. From debris to dust and mold, dirty consoles become harmful to your employees’ health and safety, work environment, and equipment performance, not to mention being less durable over time. Your consoles, chairs, accessories, AV systems, and other equipment are an investment in your operations center – don’t you want it to stand the test of time?

From detailed cleaning of consoles, accessories, chairs, AV systems, and other equipment, to preventative workspace maintenance, and cable management, EvansCare ensures the investment that organizations make in their control rooms is protected.

Control rooms are used 24/7, 365, and are generally very poorly cleaned. Most office cleaners will do a cursory cleaning of the surfaces of the consoles, flooring, and possibly the chairs. However, they do not go within the cavities for a proper, deep clean, which can pose significant health risks to employees.

EvansCare takes a more thorough approach with deep console cleaning. We go inside cavities where a significant amount of dust, mite, and mold issues can occur, which represents health, safety, and equipment performance risks. Additionally, continuous use of your consoles results in minor misalignments, loose hardware, and damage, which affects the ongoing performance and the life of the consoles and equipment. Our services include:

  • Detailed cleaning of consoles, chairs, accessories, AV Systems, and other equipment
  • Professional cable management
  • Hinge repairs
  • Leveling of doors
  • Keyboard tray repairs
  • Console alignment
  • Hardware tightening
  • General repairs

EvansCare was created to help your organization's investment last. Our passion for our customer's success and our dedication to mission-critical environments is a fundamental part of our culture.

For more about EvansCare please read our brochure here. If you have any general questions regarding Evans or EvansCare please contact us here or call us anytime, thanks for reading.

Topics: Control Rooms, Console Cleaning