We are looking forward to being in Galveston for the Texas Public Safety Conference on April 3-6, 2022. This is the top networking and educational event for public safety professionals in Texas, hosted by APCO and NENA. We hope to see you there!

Evans Public Safety

We will be at the Galveston Island Convention Center at Booth 115/117. This is an event that you don't want to miss! This conference is focused on topics on how to enrich your professional development, learn current strategies and enhance your skills. This will also be the perfect event for finding new technologies and equipment in order to have the latest tools available for emergency call handling.

You can also visit with our partners, Planar and Weytec, who will also be in attendance. Join us as we showcase the latest in console design and technology in the public safety space.


Texas Public Safety Conference 2022 Highlights


Monday, 04/04: Galleon II Session from 2:15 AM - 3:15 PM CDT

"Why Do They Stay?"

Tanya Lee will discuss the hard topic of domestic violence and why victims may stay in a relationship. This session is in partnership with the Denise Amber Lee Foundation. 

Tuesday, 05/04: Clipper Session from 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM CDT

"Technology in 911"

Matko Papic, CTO of Evans, will be presenting the ever-evolving changes in 911 Technology. Many centers find themselves behind the new trends in lighting, acoustics, workflow, technology management and health and wellness for dispatchers. We will discuss the greatest benefits of technologies available for mission-critical, 24/7 environments.

Tuesday, 05/04: Galleon I Session from 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM CDT

"Say This Not That"

Dawn Shumway

Tuesday, 05/04: Yacht Session from 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM CDT

"Can My Environment Make Me Sick?"

Tanya Lee, Manager of EvansCare, will discuss all the different factors in your environment and how it can affect you.She will touch on lighting, acoustics, ergonomics, and the conditions of an environment that can impact the health and productivity of operators.

For the Full Event Schedule visit the Texas Public Safety Conference web page below. Make sure you head on over to booth 115/117 to learn more about how Evans approaches these subjects and how we design, build, install and maintain some of the best console systems and control rooms in the world.

Full Event Schedule:

Texas Public  Safety Conference 2022 Schedule


Why should you continue the conversation with Evans?

We have some exciting topics to chat with you about. In addition to furthering the discussions from the Texas Public Safety Conference sessions and workshops, our team is ready to discuss with you:

  • How to keep pace with the latest technology in the public safety space, and learn how you can leverage it in your operations to support your telecommunicators
  • Learn from other professionals and leaders in the space on new ideas and best practices to bring back to your communication centers
  • Enrich your professional development and enhance your skills as a public safety decision-maker and what you can do to help support those around you
  • Our live demo to see up close and personal how Evans solutions can help you and your emergency response centers
  • Meet with our partners, WeyTec and Planar, and learn how they are supporting the industry.

Come Talk To Evans at Booth 115/117


Come view our demo console at booth 115/117 and talk to the Evans team. It is a large show so we hope you enjoy roaming elsewhere as well.

What are the benefits of attending the Texas Public Safety Conference?

  1. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES - This Expo will have professionals from across the country in the public safety space in attendance on the show floor. Find the team and technology solution that works for you!
  2. LEARN ABOUT PUBLIC SAFETY BEST PRACTICES - Hear from industry leaders from the many panels across all three days of the show.
  3. MEET OUR TEAM - Hear from our team and learn about the Evans perspective from supporting our public safety industry for many years, and how we can help you achieve your results for your telecommunicators.



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