Megan Lewis is the Market Manager for Public Safety at Evans.

After studying Supply Management at Michigan State University, Megan began her career in purchasing and project management in the medical equipment industry. That opportunity provided growth and development in customer management within critical care, a just-in-time-solution-driven business that expanded globally with a move to Tokyo, Japan. Megan’s experience allowed for a natural progression into sales and an opportunity to move toward the Public Safety industry. After successfully serving her 911 customers in the Southeast for over 5 years, Megan now supports and leads Evans in its 9-1-1 vertical market, nationally.

“Megan has a passion for Public Safety – both the people and the mission. As a natural leader, she propagates her passion throughout our entire team.”  Ward Hayworth, Executive Vice President 

Fun Fact: Currently residing in St. Petersburg, FL,  in her spare time, she is an indoor cycling instructor and an avid Michigan State Spartan fan! GO GREEN!


Feel free to reach out to Megan for all your PSAP needs!

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changing the way we think about control rooms, by Matko Papic