The initial moments of an emergency are crucial. 9-1-1 operators are the “First First Responders” who play an integral role in every emergency situation. These highly trained and eminently qualified professionals are often the first person contacted when an emergency occurs.

Making the difference between life and death, 9-1-1 operators must calm callers while extracting vital information to determine the nature of the emergency. Evaluating the crisis situation, 9-1-1 operators must dispatch the appropriate emergency services, knowing that their decisions play a critical component in emergency services’ response time.

Amid these critical situations, 9-1-1 operators themselves must remain calm to accurately deliver information to emergency responders through various communication channels and often provide instructions over the phone for various life-saving procedures such as CPR. Playing a variety of supporting roles to those in distress, 9-1-1 operators are under pressure 24/7, 365 handling various types of emergencies from car accidents, suicide attempts, medical emergencies, natural disaster emergencies, and robberies, among others.

Helping civilians in some of the most distressing situations, 9-1-1 operators are paramount to our lives and communities.

This Thanksgiving, Evans gives thanks to those within emergency services, but especially to those “First First Responders”, the 9-1-1 operators.

Topics: Public Safety