Control rooms and their consoles are built to last decades. Given that they are not updated on frequent basis maintenance of these rooms can be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

If you walk into a work environment that looks like it was built 30 years ago, it can take a toll on employee morale. Here is a small list of things that can be done around the office in order to freshen up you work space, giving your control room new life.

A new coat of paint

It’s one of the easiest steps one can make to refresh a control room. White paint can dull and turn yellow over time. Repainting a room to eggshell white, or changing it up to a different color completely, can drastically change the room and atmosphere. Be sure you stick with neutrals though - you don’t want the distraction of bright colors. Greys, beige, or off-whites can bring a new and contemporary feel.

New technology

It may not be in the budget for some, but if you haven’t modernized your monitors in the last few years you should probably consider the upgrade. Small tech changes such as new keyboards, mice, and monitors can make a key difference, especially to the operator.

Seasonal cleaning and de-cluttering

Has it been awhile since you’ve tidied up the control room? What about all of the clutter? Clear out the makeshift storage space from under your console, and file the clutter away. The simple act of tidying up is easy and makes a difference in your work environment.

Have you changed the lights in your control room?

It could be time to change those bulbs. Changing bulbs to a warmer or cooler color can change how a room looks and feels. Operators can suffer from eye strain, and those who work primarily in artificial light can feel more tired throughout their workday. Natural light has been proven to be the most beneficial, but that may not be possible in some control rooms. Therefore, having adequate lighting can have an impact on the operator that could be much needed.

And lastly, perhaps it’s just time for some new consoles. Some consoles have a longer life than others but it could be time for a serious upgrade. Buying new consoles can be a long, complicated, and tedious process. But it doesn’t have to be! Here is some further reading to help you get started in planning your new control room.

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