Project of the Month is an ongoing series by Evans, that showcases our latest projects and installations. This month we are featuring the consoles we made for The Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)! Read on to learn more about how the consoles features were specifically designed for our customer.


Specially Designed Consoles with a Futuristic Look

FPL was looking for a console design that would beautifully finish their new Drone Command room, and Evans was there every step of the process. This type of control room is one of the first of its kind in the electrical transmission and distribution control room application. This required a product solution that could incorporate the architectural, technology and operational needs of the space while maintaining maximum operator comfort and situational awareness. Evans was tasked to incorporate these requirements into a tailored solution design that provides the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

A combination of our Strategy Air and Strategy SX product platforms was chosen as a basis of design for the specific room requirements and to optimize sightlines for the operators to each other and the overview screens.

Visualization, Design Tools & Manufacturing Process

A well-defined design process and effective communication to all stakeholders throughout design and execution are at the core of the Evans methodology of delivering tailored solutions to our customers. This starts with industry-leading visualization and design tools and continues through our design and manufacturing process.

Staging Tests Our Products to Help Meet Objectives

To that end, we stage every project as part of our promise for quality and accuracy commitments to our clients. This allows us to make sure that the proposed function, features, and fit & finish of the product will meet all of the operational objectives identified in the design stage. It was also a chance for us to see the custom lighting we designed for this console in action. Ongoing quality checkpoints at multiple design and execution stages are an integral part of the Evans process!

Transportation, Installation and Quality Fit & Finish

The final step of execution is ensuring seamless on-site integration. Evans’ dedicated transportation and installation teams ensure that the product quality and fit and finish will be guaranteed on-site. It was amazing to see it all come together after months of planning and production!

Proud to Deliver this Control Room Project to FPL

It's beautiful when any Evans project comes together. We could not be happier to see this project to the end! This project looked especially eye-catching with the custom white powder coat and matching white worksurfaces. It really makes the lights and visual alarm system pop with color. What is your favorite design feature of this control room?


FPL Console Features & Design Methodology

  • Strategy SX and Strategy Air consoles with matching designs.
  • Fully curved frame design tailored to be an exact match to the room layout
  • Recessed, rear-mounted monitor mounting rail designed to maximize visual sightlines and create an open, clutter-free look
  • Integrated visual alarm system into the console features (see Evans LumiLinc)
  • Custom side panels with FPL branding.
  • Customized materials and colors to match reflect the architectural vision for the environment

If you are interested in learning more about the many design features we can incorporate into your control room, contact us at your convenience. We will work with you to design, build and install the right room for you and your company.


Contact Evans & More Information

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions regarding options for our Strategy SX or Strategy Air consoles, then please check out the page or contact us to talk directly with our team. Thanks for reading!

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We also have an interesting white paper available to download titled "Changing the way we Think About Control Rooms." Read more about the topics discussed in the paper by clicking the image below.

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