Choosing the right dispatch solutions partner for your Emergency Dispatch Communications Center is crucial to your team’s success. Aside from efficient, effective and failsafe communications between the operator, civilians, law enforcement, fire/rescue and emergency medical services, your center’s design is paramount for day-to-day operations and upset scenarios.

When faced with operational challenges as it looked to future growth, Essex County Regional Communications Center turned to Evans to creatively solve its challenges while meeting their specifications to better service 1.8 million people.

Crafted for ‘the now’ but built to sustain their team and center’s growth, Evans understood the importance of creating this space for optimal performance.

With countless requirements to create the right layout, maximizing every square inch and incorporate the right finishes, Evans’ strictest quality standards ensured that Essex County’s Emergency Dispatch Communications Center was designed to be safe, environmentally and ergonomically friendly.

As Essex County continues to evolve, their newly designed facility with open sightlines enriches communication between all dispatchers, supervisors and managers, creating a better foundation for teamwork during a wide range of emergencies. View the Essex County video case study to see their state of the art design, and hear their take on the importance of selecting the right dispatch solutions partner. We think you will enjoy seeing how they benefited from an Evans control room.

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