Scott Mathews is an Evans Regional Sales Manager primarily working the Texas Gulf Coast, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Scott’s diverse career has included experience in several fields, including public safety, petrochemical manufacturing, and life safety. Many of Evans’ customers are in these same fields, and as such find Scott has a unique insight into the challenges they face in the control room.

Fun Fact: Scott has actually worked in several of the vertical markets we serve, but not all of them. To compensate for some he has not directly worked within, he has one son who works in airline operations and another in the US Navy. It’s just his way of gaining second hand knowledge of these markets!

“Scott brings to Evans’ customers a diverse background working within several mission-critical environments. He understands and knows how to address their unique needs,” said Ward Hayworth, Executive Vice President.

Reach out for all your mission-critical needs, we are always here to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

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