Evans had the privilege over the summer to attend Navigator, NENA, and APCO and wow, what a turnout! This year marked a unique situation as it was the first time we were able to attend tradeshows in over eighteen months!

Tradeshows are an amazing opportunity for industry partners and customers to align, discuss and discover new ways of supporting Public Safety and the 9-1-1 community as a whole, while also giving us the opportunity to make and connect with friends new and old.

Evans is Dedicated to Public Safety

At Evans, we are honored and privileged to support our 9-1-1 professionals and are dedicated to our mission to provide the latest and greatest in industry advancements in every way possible. Evans has a true passion for creating the ideal control room in every aspect, including but not limited to our consulting services, TKS program, consoles, and our preventative maintenance and console cleaning services, EvansCare. Everything Evans has to offer is geared toward ensuring our 9-1-1 professionals have everything they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability, as was highlighted by our booth partnership with the Denise Amber Lee Foundation. We are proud to share our mission and be a part of the solution for every center possible!

Event Reflections: APCO, NENA & Navigator 2021

apco 2021 4From left to right: Scott Matthews, Tanya Lee of EvansCare, Nathan Lee of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation, John Walton, Megan Lewis, Ward Hayworth, Chelsea Kimbrough

Megan Lewis, our Public Safety Vertical Market Manager, shared some thoughts:

"Thank you to everyone who attended Navigator, NENA and APCO this year! What a year it has been and continues to be, but having the opportunity to see all your smiling and joyous faces were worth the wait! We cannot wait to expand and explore other opportunities with everyone in 2022.
apco 2021 1

At NENA, Navigator and APCO, we enjoyed several customer-driven events where we got to speak more intimately with existing and prospective customers, as well as the joy of fellowship. In joining forces with the Denise Amber Lee Foundation, we found many 911 professionals with aligned passions and goals for developing the 911 communication center of the future. We endeavor to continue to support all of Public Safety and champion everything our first, first responders do, day in and day out, among conditions that can often times be defeating. At Evans, we plan to lead the way in making great strides and change in the 911 community through consulting, training and development."
-Megan Lewis

Evans Industry Partners & Foundation Support

Evans and EvansCare are major corporate sponsors of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation. We have developed our partnership with the foundation because of our united mission and dedication to making 9-1-1 the best it can be. The Denise Amber Lee Foundation provides high-level training and QA services and we are honored to have them as an industry partner. We also had the distinct pleasure of partnering with Weytec, a KVM software solution that is paving the way in technology advancements for 911 centers across the globe. Evans is proud to support these partners and looks forward to continuing to foster these partnerships, and more, to provide comprehensive solutions to the Public Safety industry.

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