Mitch Rieg was recently promoted to Regional Sales Manager covering North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. As Regional Sales Manager, Mitch will heavily focus on the military, public safety, process control, and utilities vertical markets.



As an Engineer, Mitch previously worked for Dewberry, a civil engineering firm, on the 3D survey and design-build of the Dulles Metro line extension project. From there, he worked for Orbital Sciences Corporation as a Senior Engineer and Program Manager, where he was project manager for the NSS (National Space Systems) program on a couple of classified launches for the government.


“Working for Orbital Sciences Corporation involved a lot of days toiling in control rooms, mission ops rooms, and SCIFs. I was sitting at an Evans Console in many of those rooms, including the satellite launch rooms at Kennedy Space Center. My previous experience working in these facilities from behind a console allows me to relate to the operators with whom I work today. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work at Evans; I love it here!” 

– Mitch Rieg, Regional Sales Manager.


In 2017, Evans hired Mitch as a Project Manager out of the DC office, mostly handling projects within the Federal market. Driven to succeed, he continued to advance within the Evans organization and now manages one of Evans' highest potential regions.


“Mitch’s previous employment experience in the engineering,  military & aerospace industries, plus his Evans experience as a Project Manager, has made him a very effective Regional Manager. Mitch is uniquely equipped to add value for our clients in his region.”

 Ward Hayworth, Executive Vice President of Sales.


Congratulations on your continued success, Mitch!