Evans remains committed to the Denise Amber Lee Foundation and the Public Safety Domain, demonstrated by our sponsorship and with thought leaders focused on the people working in mission critical operation centers we design and build. 

Day One:   The new "Normal" of 911   - Matko Papic

Join Evan's Chief Technology Officer over the lunch hour as he covers the new realities affecting 911 operational teams, the public safety industry and how we can work together to create the best environment for you!   Enjoy as Matko covers in part, 

  • Operator Well Being
  • Operational Planning 
  • Function today / Function tomorrow / Function in a crisis 
  • The New Reality of Social Media / Media / Technology and Covid-19
  • The 911 Operating Model and how will it change 

Day Two:   Stories from the FIRST first responders  - Panel Discussion          

As bonus from Evans to you, listen to a stellar panel discuss events that will take you behind the  scenes of some extraordinary situations that have affected this industry. Hear the stories and experiences that influence our readiness for the next time and what we can do to be ready. Sure to be a conference highlight you don't want to miss.

  • Matko Papic, CTO, Evans Consoles
  • Ricardo Martinez of Within the Trenches Media,
  • Matt Grogan of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue working the Mandalay Bay Shooting Event,
  • and Stephen Martini, Director of Metro Nashville working the Christmas Day bombing 

Day Two:   You "Are" the Difference - Tanya Lee 

This presentation is designed to inspire and renew your fire and passion for what you do.  We will focus on the impact you make every time you answer the call and on what you can do to help take care of YOU. 

Day Three:   The People of 911 - Megan Lewis

Don't miss the kick-off to Day Three.  Megan will not only energize you for the final day program, she will review the Evans contribution and invite you to a Facebook community where you can continue the conversation after the conference. 



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