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Much More Than Just A Power Bar

PowerLinc™ is a UL certified, patented modular power distribution system that delivers high power where it is needed.


Each system can provide three 20 Amp circuits while maximizing flexibility and reducing electrical contractor costs.

Whether in the console or the sub-floor, PowerLinc’s combination of extruded metal casings and armored cables provide the strength needed to withstand 24/7 critical environments.

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PowerLinc™ Hub vs. Conventional Power Strip


Evans Consoles : PowerLinc in ConsoleInside A Console

PowerLinc™ can be linked together and mounted to the frame, in either a vertical or horizontal position providing maximum placement flexibility within the console.

A junction box can be mounted on either side of the console, or beneath the console in a sub floor using a whip/starter to further increase cabinet space


How It Works

Evans Consoles : PowerLinc How it works